Kogi ex-chairman berate those calling for state police.

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The former chairman of Ijumu local government in Kogi State, Chief Dada Fehinti has berated those calling for State police in Nigeria.
Speaking on Thursday, Chief Dada warned those sponsoring the agitation not to plunge Nigeria into future crises as Nigeria politicians are not mature for such system.
“The mere fact that it is working in other parts of the world is not enough reason to think we should practice it in Nigeria
“A good example of why we should be sceptical about State police is the way State Independent Electoral Commissions are been used by State Governors
“If State police is allowed, it will be used to silence political opponents.
All those agitating now should look at the long time implications. Those who are governors today may by accident belong to opposition party when they leave office.
“I will personally do a one man protest against the creation of State police
“What the police need is Reforms and adequate funding,” he said.

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