I am running for the office of Kogi Governor—Adah Shaibu.

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Dear Citizen of Kogi State. My name is Mohammed Adah Shaibu and I am running for the office of Executive Governor of Kogi State.
For so long, professional politicians have promoted and foisted on us all a brand of politics which guarantees and preserves only their interests.
Now is the time for us to protect our own interests after all, everyone deserves a better life.
I’m therefore sending you a copy of my manifesto. Beyond words, I’m laying before you practical short, middle and long term solutions to our most pressing challenges side by side specific time lines within which I will accomplish my goals, visions and programs for Kogi State and Kogi people.
Please, open the attached file and confirm that indeed my government is going to be all about Kogi State and Kogi people.
Now is the time to insist on and promote your own interest against the interests of people who really don’t care about you.
On behalf of the RebuildKogi political family, I present you with *The RoadMap*
Thank You!
Mohammed Adah Shaibu – Tettes.

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