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Preamble: The monthly meeting of the Lokoja branch of Ogori Descendants Union held at its usual venue with Mr. Ebenezer Adurodija, the Branch Chairman presiding. 52 Ogorians attended the meeting. The chairman as usual in his opening remarks gave an update on happenings in Ogoriland. The issue of the destruction of the voting process in Ogori by some highly placed political actors in the Local Government elicited high level of reactions and thus became the main item of discourse at the meeting. Consequently the following resolutions were reached.
1) That Ogori people living in Lokoja and environ are apolitical in the discussion of the matter at hand.
2) That Ogori people are known and respected for being a peaceful community and would continue to do everything humanly possible to maintain and protect such image which she had earned over time.
3) The branch noted and re-echoed the commendation of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello during the 2016 Ovia Osese festival, where he urged other communities in the Central Senatorial District to emulate the peaceful nature of the Ogori people.
4) The Branch therefore condemned in totality the events of 23rd February 2019 during the Presidential election where the Local Government Administrator, Hon Goke Oparison allegedly led his management team and some hirelings (regrettably Ogorians too) to violently destruct the voting process.
5) That the branch call upon the National body of Ogori Descendants Union to immediately steps in to curb this ugly trend by summoning a meeting of all political actors in the community, security agencies and traditional chiefs for all the political actors to submit to a peace pact.
6) That security agencies should be more proactive to checkmating such incidences and that the identified actors should be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.
7) The branch call on all political actors to shun all acts that would further tarnish the good name of Ogori people and should go about their politicking in a mature and peaceful manner.
8) That all Ogorians should note all the demeanors of political actors and punish such by rejecting such personae and their family members whenever they seek any position in the community.
9) That Traditional Chiefs in the community should unite and call these actors to order.
10) Lastly, the branch believes that Ogori Community is greater than any individual and as such in whatever we do Ogori must be first.
11) That this communique should be copied to His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, Local Government Administrator, ODU National President, Ogori Traditional Chiefs, all Political Parties, the Nigeria Police, Directorate of State Security Services and the Press.
Ebenezer Adurodija Sunday A Alao
Chairman Secretary

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