A man loved by God and his people Hon. Leke Abejide

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The result of the just concluded online election that declares Hon. Leke Abejide as Kogi Outstanding Legislator has shown us all that Hon. Leke Abejide is indeed man loved by his people. Despite the fact that most people had very short notice, most of us out of of our very busy schedule voted for him to show that we appreciate what he has done so far in kogi state.
Gone are the days when we trust some few individuals to make decisions for us. Some of them even tell us who to vote for, outside our wishes, whereas, most of them eventually fail us.
Kogi politic has gone beyond that riff, all the kogite now know who to vote for, an individual who will represent our interest undilutedly. Hon. Leke Abejide is the man for the masses.
This assertion man of the people by the people and for the people was established in the just concluded online voting exercise were the people of Nigeria especially the kogite recognised the good Job done so far by Hon. Leke Abejide.
On this note, I urge all the okun people and kogite in General to support the man Abejide to represent us well, a man who will help take Kogi to greater heights, a man who will make kogi state an envy of other subordinate state.
Again, I still call Hon. Leke Abejide the man of the people, by the people and for the people.
God bless Hon. Leke Abejide, God bless Kogi state and God bless Nigeria at large.
Barr. Agboola Bolanle (Nee ASAJE)

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