Tribal War Brews In Kogi State Min of Education As Staffers Live In Fear

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There seem to be an ethnic war brewing up in the Kogi State Ministry of Education as workers now live in fear of being posted out of the ministry if you are not of Igala extraction.
Kogiflame gathered that the internal postings currently on going in the ministry is aimed at wiping out non Igala tribes.
At present, some if not all Directors who are non igalas have been posted out of their positions preparatory for Igala directors to take their position.
A case in point is the Exams unit where all non igalas have been transferred out with the Commissioner allegedly planning to bring in some one from outside the Ministry.
Sources from the ministry hinted our reporter that a staff of Igala extraction, a crony of the Commissioner, working as Area Evaluator of Education, but serving in Omala LGA is being tipped to take over the exam unit.
A visit to the Ministry of Education reveals that staffers now live in fear, as the Commissioner has always made reference to the Chief of Staff, Chief Edward Onoja, to back her actions and inaction.
Though unconfirmed sources added that the state Head of service who is fully aware of the discontent in the education ministry has equally frowned at the creation of non existing Units not recognized by the rules in establishing units and department without her approval.
For now the Commissioner is alleged to have merged private schools to schools and colleges, with the Director of private schools, moved to the exam unit, this the staffers claimed is to pave way for the director to take charge of the exam unit because the substantial director would soon retire.
The staffers of the ministry who were also Corroborated by some parents who visited the ministry as at the time of visit by this magazine, disclosed and frowned at the MoE not able to have released the FSCL, even though money was paid by pupils. The last years common entrance result is also still yet to be released, living principals of schools to use their initiatives in getting students into JSS.
For now staffers in the ministry live like cat and rat owing to the open display of tribal administrative politics and sentiments created by the commissioner of education.
The staffers in the ministry however blamed the noticed crisis to the background of the Commissioner, who holds a master in Mathematics, but with no educational background.
Except something urgent is done according to the staffers in the MoE, many of them say the objectives of having Hon. Rosemary Osikoya, as education commissioner may be counter productive, as she is allowing tribal sentiments to over ride government rules, merit principle in favour of favouritism.

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