Thank God Election Has Come and Gone.

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By Chief Clarence Olafemi
Thank God that the election has come and gone. However, the echoes, the trauma and the agonies will continue to vibrate and re-vibirate in our conscious and sub conscious minds.
Elections in Yagba suddenly become war of guns, cutlasses and charms. We never can tell the end of these devilish acts if we don’t condemn it now in it’s entirety. Strange faces were brought to Yagba to come and terrorise and subdue us to a direction unintended and unwillingly.
The most disturbing aspect of this dastardly act is the promotion of thuggery as a very lucrative profession on our land. Boys are now armed. Guns are now everywhere. By the time elections are over, these same guns would be used for armed robberies.
The second aspect is that by using security operatives to sabotage the wishes of the people, we are encouraging civil disobedience. A time will come when people may have no fear of crisis in election. People should go and study the history of “Agbekoya” uprising. We must be warned.
The most disturbing aspect of the whole show was the alleged collaboration of the traditional institutions in elections where they were supposed to be neutral. This is a very dangerous dimension and requires in- depth analysis as a guide for the future.
It is so sad that some of our leaders who should show leadership by example are the ones commanding thugs. Where did we get it so wrong? Power will come and go but what we do with power remain history for ever.
We have other elections coming shortly. Are these the ways to go?

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