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By Okeh Katchy
Growing up, my late Father was such an informed man that it was natural for me to seek information and knowledge effortlessly as a worthy son who emulated the steps of a central Father…
I got to know Senator Dino Melaye when he was in the opposition and I guess he “wasn’t smelling soo nice then”… Years passed and I kept up with him in the political space and in all honesty I have come to see that this is a Leader in his own class not minding whether you hate him or love him. Severally he has come out boldly to call out the Government he played a major role in installing because of their anti people and selfish policies despite the whole attack by the agents of state on his own life. He is a man not given to fear anytime anyday as he has proven that countless times and doesn’t “Look repentant at all” when it comes to telling truth to power..
However my consternation about this tall, ebony skinned (He doesn’t bleach too) handsome and amiable Legislator happened on the 13th of March at Unity Fountain when he came to pay his last respect to a late member of his constituent who doubled as a super cerebral scholar and a Canadian citizen, Prof. Adseanmi Pius. I had to calm down and look closely at this man that has been tagged all things by the present government and I saw a man you cannot help but love. Dino is a man with strong street sense and street appeal too.. I watched how he connected with everyone that came to him in such a way that you would definitely feel honored having met with him.. At a point while I was at his back, I had serious level of pity for his huge sized security aides that didn’t look to me like the regular agents of Government, as I didn’t see those gun trotting abi wielding guys around him..
My pity for them stemmed from the fact that it was difficult to effectively bar people from meeting SDM because before one could say Jack Robbinson, SDM is already smiling at the prospective “greeter” you want to barricade off with an already open arm to give a warm hug already.. So as a security detail you would be careful not to say one thing now and Oga at the top would say another thing..
Furthermore apart from the way he connected with the various people that came for the event at Unity Fountain, he showed another part that is very rare to see in most politicians this day and that thrilled me the most. He showed that he wasn’t a patient man not minding that DSS sometime last year became notorious for making him an “arrest induced patient”. He arrived somewhat a little bit after the event had started and stayed there till the very tail end of the programme.. The patience exhibited by him was so unbecoming of a typical Nigerian politician who believes that by breezing in and breezing out, he increases his worth before people but permit me to say to anyone who thinks this way that such is a big lie..
SDM gained my respect today not because I sanction everything he does, never but it’s because on a closer look at him you would see a man who understands basically that he is because we the citizens are and he is indeed at home with his people.. You can take that to the bank..
However be it known also that during the GEJ’s tenure, he was one man i didn’t like probably because I hadn’t had a proper understanding of him then but i am sure I am well informed now. He is an unrepentant fighter whom it would really take so much to hold him down or shut him up.
Finally, I admonish that anyone seeking public office should at least have a carriage that equals or surpasses that of Senator Dino Melaye. He is never a saint and has never claimed to be so but trust me, he is giving Leadership an outlook that we can all connect with.
As a Chief Priest he never stops making melodious enchantments when he is about to make a point.. Having more DINOs and Julius Malemas in our political space in Africa would help us get transformed faster.. So help me Lord!
Remember that if you say the truth you would die……. If you don’t say the truth you would still die…. It’s better to say the truth and die..
Congratulations to Prince Deji Adeyanju and his team for the event that was out up yesterday for Prof. It can only get better in Africa..

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