Prof. Alemika canvases traditional religion, institutions far and above modern day Justice, security practices.

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Prof. Etannibi Alemika of the University of Jos has called for need to place traditional religion and institutions far and above the modern day Justice and security practices has been advocated for the Oworo people of Lokoja LGA.
A University Don, Prof. Etannibi Alemika, made the disclosure as a keynote speaker at the Oworo Foundation First Oworo National Colloquium with the theme: Reawakening Oworoland: The Imperatives for socio- cultural, Political and economic empowerment.
Professor of Criminology, University of Jos, JOS, Nigeria
Etannibi Alemika is a professor of criminology and sociology of law, specializing in criminology, sociology of law, criminal justice reform, policy and practice, and security governance.
Prof. Alemika urged the Oworo people to assert their Political authority without necessarily circumventing their identity in the politics of Lokoja LGA and Kogi State.
While he advocated for Political enlightenment and mobilization, however urged the Oworo people that even in building Political alliances, they must not relegate their Oworo interest in asking for Political placements.
While he lamented that Education which used to be the bedrock of sustainable development of the Oworo people has been abandoned, urged the Oworo people to focus on quality rather quantitative Education.
The University Don called on Oworo people to strive to establish vocational technical schools in the area, pointing out that it is now the way to go.
He called for the people to strive to acquire relevant Education that would improve Livelihoods, mentioned the placement of Agriculture, particularly Agric extension as a way of food scarcity, hunger and malnourishment.
Prof. Alemika advocated a cooperative system for funding and setting up of small scale small scale businesses, insisting that several opportunities that would empower the people to be self sustainable abound.
Prof. Alemika urged the Oworo people to continue to sustain and develop their socio cultural empowerment by holding onto their cherished identity, cautioned against divisive tendencies centred on ethnic consideration and in identity.
The erudite professor tasked the Oworo people to hold on to the speaking of their language and practices, urged the people to sing more of their languages.

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