Massive Infighting Amongst The Gangs In Lugard House. —-Save kogi state from Engr. Abubakar Ohere.

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By Gabriel Enoh

We members of Kogi Conscience and Liberation Forum (KCLF) will not keep calm and watch an individual siphon and waste our common resources. Kogi is our state, it is our pride, our heritage, therefore, it must be liberated from hawks parading as leaders. We shall keep exposing the monumental fraud perpetuated by few until the state is completely freed.

Engr. Abubakar Ohere was a level 10 officer in the Federal Civil Service attached to the Federal Ministry of Mine and Steel. Ohere who until his appointment lives in a two bedroom apartment at kubwa village here in Abuja, has within three years of his appointment in Kogi State swims in money belonging to the Local Government workers.

Governor Yahaya Bello on assumption of office appointed Engr. Abubakar Ohere as the Special Adviser on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, a position who is to be manned by a subtansive Commissioner.

Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs which controls about 285 traditional rulers, 21 Local Government Administrators, 21 DLG, 21 Secretaries and over 92 Supervisors, we were taken aback as a mere and unknown person whose track records in the civil service were dented by corruption was appointed to head. During his days at the Federal Ministry of Mine and Steel, Engr. Ohere was link to a corrupt activities with the then DG for procurement, Alhaji Wali Nasiru. This almost ended his career not until Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro intervene using his political connections and saved Ohere from being sacked.

Engr. Abubakar Ohere have come to kill us, he has buried the common hope of the state and we shall rise until Kogi is save from him.

Before his appointment as Special Adviser to the Governor, Engr. Abubakar Ohere operate Union Bank with account details, Sadiqu Abubakar Ohere, 2111867490. The maximum balance in this account has never exceeded N67,000 only.

Currently, Engr. Abubakar Ohere now operates over 12 different accounts in the name of his children with his children and wives.
Here are some of his account details.

Zentith Bank.
Name Sadiqu Abubakar Ohere.
Current Amount: Twenty three Million, Six Hundred and five naira only (N23,6000,05)
Sadiqu Abubakar Ohere.
Access Bank.
Amount: Sixty-Four million, Eight Hundred Thousand and Sixty-Five naira only (N64,800,000,65)
Sadiqu Abubakar Ohere.
Union Bank
Amount: Two Billion, Seven Hundred and Eighty Four Naira Only.
These are the few we shall make available for now, withing the next few days Kogi Civil Servants especially the Local Government workers will know who has imprisoned them, the Man behind their sufferrings and the architect of salary shortage in the 21 LGs.

Engr Ohere has deeply reck down the Local Government making DLGs and Treasurers mere errand servants. The LG Administrators have nothing to do, the Administrators hardly have enough to eat in their various homes, they look while Ohere keep diverting their money.

We challenge Engr. Abubakar Ohere to deni these by making the above account public.

Let’s be aware of a man who came to destroy the good work of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

Ohere has no simple input during the struggle of Yahaya Bello to become the Governor of Kogi State.

We were duly informed of the struggle of the likes Edward Onoja and the people so much appreciate him and we also understand the struggle of DG Protocol, Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu.
What was your own struggle, Engr. Ohere?

The fairwinners are now your enemies? The same fair winners who potray your image to this level…..what a life?
Though all this account details have been submitted to EFCC for proper scrutiny.

Coming up next is detail of how Engr. Abubakar Ohere used the 21 LG Account to secure loan from banks… Watch out!

Gabriel Enoh
For: Kogi Conscience and Liberation Forum, Abuja

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