Edward Onoja: No Matter How Long Stone Remained Inside River He'll Not Turn to Fish.

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By Abubakar Ibrahim

Mr Edward Onoja is the current Chief Of Staff to Gov Yahaya Bello, he belief whatever he said or do no mortal can challenge him.

When Edward Onoja  Chief of Staff to Gov Yahaya Bello addressed some of his surrogates yesterday in APC  Lokoja Local Government party Secretariat  in an event they tagged; “Thank you visit’ to Lokoja electorate and Kogi people for ‘voting APC” the de-factor Governor of Kogi state,Onoja said “he is more  Lokojan than does who called themselves Lokoja indigenes”.

He gave his  reason; ” I have been in Lokoja since 1994′ he said.

Onoja who was spitting fire warned APC leaders from Lokoja  of the danger of fictionalizing  the party:

“we know what some of you are doing  if you want to remain in the party OK,if you don’t,you can leave or else we know how to deal with you” he warned.

What Onoja forgot is that “no matter how long stone remained inside river he’ll not turn to fish”
You came into Lokoja as a sojourner in a foreign land and you’ll remain so,no matter what you say,power is transient one day you’ll go back to Ogugu permanently.

No matter how long he stay in Lokoja its a lie from the pit of hell for Onoja to assumed he is more Lokojan than Lokoja indigenes.

Let Onoja go back to history of Lokoja indigenes resistants against colonialism from 1900-1955 he’ll realised that Lokojans are not pushover.

The fight against injustice and oppression by Lokojans was demonstrated during the last election, where our people voted massively for Senator Dino Melaye against senator Smart  Adeyemi,the government anointed candidate.

In 1979,our people joined  the defunct National Party of Nigeria,NPN and voted massively for Late Alh Adamu Atta who later emerged as the Governor of Kwara State. When Adamu Atta bite the fingers that fed him, Lokojans massively voted for Chief  Adebayo of Unity Party Of Nigeria, UPN in 2003,that’s Lokoja which you  Onoja don’t know.

Today in your desperate efforts to forced our leaders to pay an unceremonious visit to Government House to endorsed a government that failed woefully, what you witnessed was faces of your frustrates appointees and their yeomen due to your boastful and arrogance our respected traditional leaders refused to turn of. 

Even those that attended the failed endorsement, the frustration and hunger that shown in their faces is a clear indication that their suffering and smiling! Ask them when did Gov Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja pay them their salary last?

The political appointees that endorsed the Governor today were on their own non of them can deliver their unit in a free and fair contest for Governor Yahaya Bello.

The APC ward Chairmen you talked about can’t presently mobilise their families to vote for APC,ask them what went wrong during the last elections.?

Onoja,the Lokoja you don’t know is a peaceful town it is you that introduced cultism and gave arms to our innocent youths.

You incited brothers against brothers to the extend some of them killed themselves in the name of politics.

Instead of you to talked about how to solve the problems of underdevelopment, poverty,lack of payment of salary and pension,you’re busy displaying arrogance and abusing party faithfuls.

November 2, our people would take their destinies into their hands,they’ll definitely resist any attempt to forced Gov Bello into their throat.

I want to conclude by appealing to our youths to remain calm and avoids been use by agents of destruction.
We must remain focus and resolute because: “we don’t have any other place than Lokoja and we must remain here and salvage it together”

Abubakar Ibrahim Lokoja writes from Lokoja.

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