Kogi Gov. Poll: APC militarization rigging formula will fail in November- PDP Chairmanship Aspirant Fidelis vows

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The Kogi State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has predicted an overwhelming win in the Governorship election come November 2nd, 2019 saying the militarization approach of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) during election will be resisted by the People by booting out Gov. Bello from office through ballot.

A PDP chairmanship aspirant comrade Alfa Fidelis from Igalamela/Odolu Local Government has given the assurances that the party would bounce back in November.

Fidelis is contesting in the party’s Congress billed for next month where he hopes to win and take over the leadership of the party in the State.

The aspirant who spoke at the PDP secretariat in Lokoja when he came to declare his intention to vie for the position said the party was overwhelmed by militancy, thuggery and rigging deployed by the ruling APC in the last general election.

He said to achieve that feat is not going to be a tea party but it would happen through hard work.

The aspirant said due to leadership failure there was no person to stand in for its members who were chased with guns at the polling units and hence were not allowed to exercise their franchise.

“It is an obvious fact that the last election was militarised. I also want to say that the PDP did not have someone who could stand and fight for them.

“If I become the party’s chairman, I will fill in that gap and fight for the party, stand for the party and I will not allow anybody to bring in thugs to chase our people away, kill and maim them.”

According to him, there is nothing enticing him other than just service.

“We have looked at the happenings around the State and it is very appalling and there is something inside of me to steer the party to have a new party in the state.

“If you look at the PDP in the State it looks like there is no opposition party in the state. So one of my first obligation is to give the party members the confidence with programs lined when we come on board.”

He said if the members have a leadership they can trust they would come out without fear to vote a PDP Governor because the State remains a PDP State.

“Let me give you an instance, in Kogi State the PDP does not even have a secretariat, they just have a place politicians come use to win election and after they win they abandoned it.

“My vision is to build a party that would be self sufficient, a party that can run itself and that can happen by bringing on board competent chairman, the party on the long run can even sustain itself.

“Leadership is the major setback of the party because the people don’t have where to turn to. They need to have a leader with a vision so that they can have a solace.”

He appealed to the delegates to look at everyone that is trying to get the job and what they can offer.

Fidelis said from his experience he is assuring them that if he becomes the chairman he will create avenues for the party to generate it’s own resources as the party needs resources.

Having worked with Ahmodu Ali when he was national chairman of the party as a Personal Assistant on special duties for two years the PDP state chairman hopeful said he would bring that experience to turn around PDP in Kogi.

“Ahmodu Ali taught me discipline, transparency and hard work and these are what I want to bring into the party at the State level as the party at the State level lacks discipline, transparency and the urgent need for reconciliation.”

He said he would initiate a genuine reconciliation to bring back all aggrieved members to the fold.

Under his leadership he said he would initiate empowerment programs for the party’s youths to keep them engaged and way from thuggery.

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