Kingsley Fanwo: When a “man of GOD” becomes a liar.

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By David G. Itopa

Kingsly Fanwo

The Director General of media and publicity to the Kogi State Government, the self acclaimed evangelist Kingsley Fanwo has become notorious for spewing unrepentant and unholy lies to color the obvious ineptitude and failures of his paymaster, the infamous apex predator (white lion) of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

For a man who claimed to be called to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, one would have expected that Fanwo heed to the call, to first council his boss, to the harsh realities of life under his leadership in Kogi State.

Reverse is the case as Fanwo has engaged in shamelessly and needlessly telling petty lies. Lies that even the biblical Judas Iscariot would have been ashamed of.

Fanwo can do better to spare us his constant dragging of the celestial nomenclature to the muds, reducing Christendom to a mere joke by first, turning away from his sinful ways of telling lies shamelessly in public fora, return to God and remind Governor Yahaya Bello to face governance and stop his juvenile show of shame trying to impress kids with his amateur boxing skills.

Since Kingsley Fanwo has intentionally become a patient of partial Brain hemorrhage, I will do the needful to remind him of some of Captain Idris Ichala Wada and PDP’s achievement in office even in the face of dwindling economic fortunes.

The Kogi hotels, lokoja which the current inept administration is struggling to paint to put the “icing on the cake” was a masterpiece and class art of the PDP’s administration, the Multi-million naira Kogi motor park, the Ganaja bye-pass, construction of 500 units housing schemes in Ganaja, water projects across Kogi State, the shoreline protection along Kabawa road, twenty- one (21) earth moving equipments (one per local government), kogi diagnostics, Kogi State university teaching hospital, additional two(2) three-storey building hostels in KSU to accommodate students, renovation of School Of Nursing Obangede and lots more.

In the midst of all these achievements, salaries were still paid (till the Government of President Buhari decided to play politics with the bail out funds meant for Kogi State ).

To set the records straight, contrary to the fabricated lies of Fanwo to sway the public, the PDP administration of Capt Wada accessed only Eight Billion Naira (N8b) of the proposed twenty Billion Naira (N20b) intervention bond. No matter the lies of the man who has elevated Yahaya Bello to a godlike status, truth will always catch up with him.

The evangelist of doom be reminded quickly that he was on the payroll of the PDP during the electoral campaigns and elections that saw the birth of a clueless government that can best be described as a product of circumstance.

The PDP government of Capt Wada which he now loves to hate was the very beginning of life changing experience for him.

It is however inglorious of “Evangelist” Kingsley Fanwo to deliberately mislead the public and drag Christianity to shame on national TV.

On a second thought , if there is any glimpse of redemption left in Fanwo, he should denounce his fate, move to idol worshiping as that will be a very good platform to showcase his talents and penchant for falsehood.

I challenge anyone, including Kingsley Fanwo to State, with clarity one project that the Government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello have been able to conceptualize, execute and commission in the state. It’s rather a thing of shame that for a governor who takes pride in calling the president his father, till date, is yet to invite his “father” to commission even a borehole project anywhere in Kogi State.

Let all men of goodwill remind him (GYB) “to go home and pay salaries”

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