Kabba/Bunu Assembly election, the people will speak again-Akinwale Samuel

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One of the leading aspirants in the last PDP primaries in kabba/Bunu local government has said that the state house of Assembly election is a concluded matter in Kabba/Bunu.
Speaking with newsmen on Tuesday, Hon. Akinwale said that there is no need for any further campaign than the unpaid salaries and pensions with the high level of poverty in the land, cum high death rate in the various communities as experienced under the present APC lead administration in kogi state.
He further said that presently, the people are resolute to come out and vote, make sure that their votes count and to also defend their votes.
He said that the people are very aware that the state apparatus has been set in place to use fake policemen, and thugs to invade various polling units and wards to cause mayhem and to frighten voters away. “Our people can not be intimidated nor harassed. We are going to vote for people that will rightly represent our collective interest and not the interest of their selfish selves, enough is enough” he said

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