In Kogi Our People Are Feeding Less Than Those In IDP Camps Today–Says Ex-Assembly Member.

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The former State Assembly member in Kogi State, Hon. Folusho Daniel has called for the urgent need to create IDP camp in Kogi State so that it will be possible to publicly beg the world to send food for people to feed.

His words, “I felt really, really sad today. And I am not joking or faking. There was this woman who called me from Orokere my ward today. On picking her call, I noticed she was sobbing at the other end. I thought someone has died again (for it has been harvests of death, death, death in Yagba this year).

“I managed to ask her who had died again. She answered nobody has died. I asked why she was crying.

“She said she did not know where to start her story. (She lost her husband two years ago). In a nut shell, her children could not resume school for accumulated school fees. To make matters worse, the children (three of them) had not eaten anything food since yesterday because she had nothing to give then. And I could hear the cry of one of them from the background.

“Before her call, I had attended to eight other people across Yagba today, all workers begging for as little as one thousand Naira to feed. I gave them what I had. To some I gave as little as two thousand Naira. All of them have children o. And I asked, how much food could one thousand Naira really buy in the market today? But that is the situation in Yagba today.

“The woman with three children, I had to direct to a popular food seller in my village to buy foodstuffs on credit and that I would send her the money soonest.

“This is the picture of our workers at home. Before now, I had told some of them that the State Government had received over N8 billion for the month of April and that they would be paid soonest. It is now almost 2 weeks since this money came in, yet workers are not paid. Poorer states than Kogi still manage to pay. What is the problem with Kogi State? Are we completely bankrupt?

He stressed that if the government can no longer pay salaries, let the offices be closed so that workers can concentrate on farming for now.

“Thank God this is still farming season. I weep for Kogi State. I have been on ground for a while now, I have not witnessed this type of situation in which those fasting have nothing with which to break the fast. God, where have we got it so wrong?

He therefore called for need to create IDP camps in Kogi State so that it will be possible to publicly beg the world to send food for people to feed.

“To be honest with ourselves, many of our people are feeding less than those in IDP camps today. May God help us.

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