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The cat is now out of the bag. I watched with a great concern as Ayo, the TVC anchor man on journalist hangout program led the ever vibrant Jide and one other on the Kogi executive/judiciary crises. They brought this issue to the table and dissected it like medical Doctors busy performing a surgical operation to save a life. It re-ignited and refreshed my love for journalism as a profession. While they were at it, one thought kept stretching through my mind; so Yahaya Bello’s antics is this naked before the public. We have tried our best to save our dear state from this ugly situation but Bello never mind this consequence.

Governor Yahaya Bello

Now, not from my mouth but from the mouth of the professional media, what we suspected, what we knew and tried to keep from public glare is now blown open for the general public. The crises arose because of Bello’s desires for the Hon. Chief Judge to be taking orders from him on how certain cases should be tried. The CJ has insisted that all his life on the bench he has not done that and could not possibly for any reason on earth start that now. I should pause here to say thank you to Hon. Justice Ajana for NOT being a stupid man, for being incorruptible, for being an upright man, for not putting us to shame, for keeping the life and blood of the Kogi state judiciary intact. This is very far from praise singing, no, this is putting the facts very straight.

When the world asked if there is a single law officer in Bello’s government, some persons would simple not understand the question. Now, what can be more embarrassing than journalists, i mean non-lawyers, reading the applicable provisions of the constitution and a statute of Kogi state, and infact interpreting same to Bello and his government? It is more embarrassing to Bello and his government that some facts are made public, facts such as trying to use the Hon CJ to keep Sen-Dino Melaye in custody without bail, attempting to remove the Hon. CJ because he sure wont be a ready tool in the planned removal of the deputy governor, the withdrawal of policemen from court premises last Friday thereby exposing parties, litigants and the presiding judge to the proposed invasion by thugs etc. These fact were laid bare by journalists on TVC’s journalist hangout. i see it as humiliation of Kogi as a state but its so shameful that Governor Yahaya Bello can never see it as such. Its so nauseating. It is prodigal.

Talking about last Friday’s drama at high court, koton karfi, yours truly was there. I was there powerfully on solidarity. I met the hashes of the burnt tires by touts of politicians who were said to have come with funny placards early about 6am claiming to be judiciary staff of Kogi state demanding for screening. That is the level the frustration of our adversary has degenerated to. This is so ridiculous. They could only resort to this cheapest and shameful act because the handwriting on the wall is becoming bolder now that failure from all angles stare them in the face. I mean an uncommon failure. When i told you last December that there exist a high level of discipline in judiciary and that judiciary is one and impenetrable, you wont just listen, and by that error you have subjected your ego to this unnecessary trauma. Those who gave you this very ill piece of advice, those who claimed to you that as ex-senior staff of judiciary they possessed the method of dealing with judiciary are sleeping very well in their houses and have only succeeded in granting the Governor sleepless nights. How would you, without justifiable reason pounced on hundreds of judges and thousands of staff and keep their only source of livelihood away from them? How would their creator watch you from far heavens and applaud this callousness. How do you sleep daily knowing people are not fed, their children withdrawn from schools, denied access to medication, some dead and dying all for your fault, just simply to tell the world how tough you are? Sure, all these were attempt to break our spirit, but to your continuous dismay, the more you tried the more energised we had become and the more our spirits are strengthened. You may now get this fact very straight; you can never break our spirit no matter how hard you try.

I said it at the beginning of this crises that as long as you hold onto the subventions of judiciary, that is how long the doors to our courts would be locked up. Am sure you can now finally believe me. Let me remind you that i once said that we were here when you came and we will be here when you will leave and another will come. Please, also believe that. My dear Gov Bello, there was never a need for this crises if your law officers actually read law and understood law. We are an arm of this government of Kogi state, we are not your civil servants but independent public servants who are directly under the JSC. Why is this difficult for your government to understand. If only for once you will listen to advice, simply end this crises by sending nine months due subvention to the account of the judiciary. There is no ego bash in that, it is called “doing the right thing.” By doing that, we will all go back to our work and i assure you we will push this ugly incidence behind us with no victor no vanguished. Doing anything other than this would simply be complicating issues.

No right thinking person, considering how you came into power would expect your kind of leadership. No. That should bring me to this advice to all politicians; never you come into power with the inherited votes of a dead man. It would surely ignite something very different and unmanageable in you. Yours in all honestly is a story of a squandered goodwill.

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