Garnering More Opportunities For Women In Governance And Empowerment In Nigeria/Globe,

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A Solemn Guide For All Inclusive Program Adopted By APC National Woman Leader, Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar-Eluma
Soon after her ascension to the women leadership at the top eechelon of the All Progressives Congress,Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar-Eluma after the successful exercise in 2017,ushered a new dawn both to women leadership and advancement,along with participatory democratic process that evolved simultaneously
The National convention that elected her a new National Woman Leader for the party APC, at the top level,powered by Mrs Salamatu Baiwa witnessed another chapter of political emancipation for women in Nigerian politics, as well as the global participation interms of recognition
Not long after her inauguration as new member of the APC National Working Committee, as the newly elected National Woman leader,she saw the urgent need to bring into one single indivisible fold,not minding the ideological differences,but political beliefs, so as not to only ensure the welfare of women in politics alone,but in governance and decision making
As a technocrat, versed both in adminstrative and political wizardry, coupled with her exposure both within and around the globe,she brought on board initiatives that will further place women in the scheme of things, inline with global practices and global declaration of 35 % affirmative action, for women participation in governance and other relevancies
To match words with action,there was the need to relive women confidence both in political participation and government,a feat she quickly brought heads of women stakeholders in conjunction with the Office of The First Lady of Nigeria, Women affairs Ministry so as to place women on a participatory role in all areas,be it politics,adminstration and others
With few months away to the 2019 general elections,the uphill task of bringing women in Nigeria into one indivisible fold to join the popular adminstration was made easy after her inauguration, as she swung into taking possible actions and decisions to re-orient women and bringing them into the main stream of the countrys politics under one fold, to drive both the political,social and economic emancipation of Nigeria
Not only she was able to achieve alot in this regard, made women to garner more confidence and support to the ruling All Progressives Congress,APC that ensured the victory in the last February general election held in Nigeria
The National Woman Leader efforts and contributions towards the success of the last election, in conjunction with women stakeholders paid off, by the inclusion of more women in governance, interms of appointement of cabinet ministers that shore up from the low trend to seven in number of women in the current dispensation
No doubt the maiden courtesy visit to the Presidential villa paid off, with a promise from Nigerian President to include more women in governance having attracted alot of support in the last general election,support to the government and it’s activities as well as stability in governance facilitated by the National Woman Leader
Her committed passion towards women advancement knew no bound beyond the shores of the country and the globe, her presence in this years UN General Assembly program in New York, that dwell on women inclusion,girl child education and Sustainable Development Goals, that will guarantee the good living of women folk in Nigeria and the diaspora
Her drive for women advancement,welfare and empowerment encompass the enrolement of women in Nigeria in all the Social Investment Programs( SIP’s) of the federal government, as well as part and parcel of the First Lady of Nigeria programs of actvities, that mitigate the plight of women,children through her pet project,Aisha Buhari Foundation (ABF), that involve construction of hospitals,schools,skill acquisition centres and empowerement targeted at improving the lives of women in Nigeria
In addition to her strong determination to muzzle all required political will, to ensure the women in our society today are placed at near par interms of opportunities in government busineses,job opportunities and adequate representations in all ramifications
The National Woman Leader of APC is a protagonist of gender equality,gender sensitisation as well as gender advancement nationally and internationally, capable of bringing women into the comity of decision making in both nation building and advancement
Her determination to stand as a strong force for recognition of women in national development is undaunted, barely a year in the office,having garnered enough encouragement from stakeholders of the Nigeria project,desire to make a difference for the period of her stint will continue to wax from strenght to strenght.

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