CEDO: A Commander Whose Weapon is Unity

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By Kingsley Fanwo
Today, I join the World to celebrate Chief Edward David Onoja as the Igala Nation confers on him the Commander of the Igala Kingdom.
The title is big. But the heart of the recipient is even bigger. For close to four years now, CEDO has been the Igala player on a big stage, changing the misconceptions and wrong notions about the Igala people.
He has come to be the real definition of the Igalas. Resourceful, intelligent, brilliant, fearless, humane, frank and a loyal person. Loyal to his Principal, loyal to his beliefs, loyal to his job, loyal to his convictions and above all, loyal to his Creator.
Working with him for close to four years now has been like an explosive in the heap of my misconceptions about our brothers from Kogi East. He has helped me deconstruct those misconceptions. He has done to a good number of people around the state and the country.
For close to four years now, CEDO has built a humongous reputation for the Igala people; emerging naturally as the biggest Ambassador of the Igala nation.
Achieving greatness with the grace of God and dint of hard work has separated him from those who cross from the high branches they were placed by their privileged parents.
When the Igala Cultural House was conceived, CEDO knew what he wanted for his people. He has a graphic picture of how he wanted it to look. He ensured it became a reality to the admiration of a people in search of quality and selfless leadership.
CEDO’s emergence sparks a renewed belief in the Igala child that if a poor boy from Ogugu could become a steely force in the affairs of Kogi State, they can achieve the same. To be like CEDO, you must think like CEDO and act like CEDO.
His ideas are his powers. He brews and breeds ideas. He is a realist and positivist who drives the ideas across the line. He does what makes him succeed and he succeeds in what he does.
He doesn’t see division. He doesn’t only speak Yoruba, he acts Yoruba and reason like a Yoruba as much as he does as an Igala. He struck a perfect chemistry with his friend and boss from Ebirra.
Can he be the true bridge? He is undoubtedly the Unity effect of our Government.
As you are celebrated today, place your foot on the ground. You are not flying yet. You are only revving the engine in preparation for the final take off.
Congratulations to the new Commander of the Igala Kingdom.
Kingsley Fanwo writes from Takete Ide Amuro.

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