Tributes To His Excellency, Chief Samuel Ola-Oluwa Akande,A Maverick Politician @ 81

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Abubakar Yusuf
His Excellency,the pioneer former Deputy Governor of Kogi State,Chief Samuel Ola-Oluwa Akande held the exulted office between 1991-1993,over two decades ago.
High Chief of Mopa Land,did not gain prominence when he emerged as Kogi Deputy Governor,as he played a prominent roles both in the Northern,South west, North Central politics of Kwara and later in Kogi state.
This was in addition to his unique roles both in the public and private sectors as a technocrat with contemporaries like,Late Chief S.B. Daniyan and Chief S.B Awoniyi of blessed memory.
His Excellency’s styles of politics was outstanding that he became unpertubed, after his stint at the aborted 3rd Republic,as Deputy Governor,through the illegal Military putsch.
But his ideals and ideas of progressive politics and political followership did not diminished an inch,provided it is meant for the socio-economic development of his immediate community and by extension,Kogi state.
Chief Akande strong allignment and reallignment with modern politics made him a rallying point, not only to the people of Western Senatorial district,but the entire Kogi state,this is on the premise of a selfless service to Humanity.
Hence in 1999,after the struggle to return to democratic dispensation which he was deeply involved,with his former Boss, returning as the Governor of Kogi state, Late Prince Abubakar Audu,he never opposed the new zoning arrangement for the Deputy Governor,even though strange.
The former Deputy Governor did not resign from Politics as a protest to what transpired,but an opportunity to play a leadership roles, more ever than before to politicians who believe in progressive advancement of the people.
High level mien and distinct conducts,Akande does not believe in using public office to acquire fame and wealth, as well as connections while in office,so after leaving office,he retired to his country home, to paly his advisory roles in all ramifications of life.
It became so critical that the Former Deputy Governor.was hardly remembered by some political office holders and office seekers during visits to Mopa by paying homage,not for anything,but his reserved tendencies.
Chief Samuel Ola-Oluwa Akande 27 years after,is still playing a fatherly roles not only to the political class, communities and the people of the Western Senatorial district alone,but maintained the trend across the state.
Highly detrabalised,non sectional,non discriminatory and with strong concept in the emancipation of human advancement,his new age was highly celebrated by all and sundry.
As you clock few years into the Octogenarian circle,we pray for more years, wisdom to continue to pilot the leadership roles both in Kogi state and the entire Nation.
Happy Birthday Your Excellency,Wishing You Many More years In The Services To Humanity

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