The Termination of Hon Okara's Appointment and the Eulogy of a Partiless Electronic Rat, Prince Suleiman will do well

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By Bello Onimisi Abdulhameed
On the 29th of August and 5th of September 2019 had been days marked for the conduct of the ruling APC and opposition, PDP primaries. Whilst APC primaries went peaceful and successful which led to the emergence of the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello scoring 3,091 to defeat his counterparts with wide margin, PDP primaries was marked with unleashing of mayhem upon his delegates with sporadic shootings which led to the death of a delegate, leaving many injured & many more casualty recorded.
Sequel to this quagmire, some PDP media smart players have taken to media making allegations that the government of the day is responsible for the sad occurrences, however the truth is not far fetch, PDP aspirants are so desperate as they share lots of dollars to compromised delegates and individual aspirants came to the venue with hoodlums throwing the play ground to a war zone. It is irrational to blame such bad omen on the indefatigable leadership of his excellency Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello despite the fact that PDP stipulated the exercise to hold at night to ensure enabling environment to orchestrate their desperado & evil plans
It is sad to note that, some truth haters had gone to TV station to ascribed the offence committed by their party, PDP to the APC. In clearing the air and refuting the lies of the self acclaimed PDP media person Okai Austin, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Sustainable Development Goals, Hon. Okara volunteered, and he has rightly put fact straight. But the sacking of Hon. Okara has made the opposition, PDP’s electronic rats who doubles as sword of many surfaces & politically unstable to be writing unnecessary lyrics, singing songs on his Facebook territory claiming that Hon. Okara was sacked for his lack of performance on TV Station.
On this note I want to put the record straight that, the sacking of Hon Okara was not in any way connected to his performance in comparison to that of electronic rat, a media sycophant but to the fact that some protocols might have been unnoticeably breached.
The state government chooses his fight well, and Okai is too cheap and infinitesimal to be dignified with the government key appointee. The decision for Okai to be given audience on TV was not to the approval of the government of the day and Austin Okai should know that he is never a match but a rabble rouser who parambolate on social media and seek the attention of the government to make earning from PDP aspirants for his living.
Let’s assume the government of Alh Yahaya Bello delegated Hon. Okara to front Okai, common sense should tell anyone that it will be strategically wrong for sacking him just when he returned from the TV station, because he knows definitely that opposition will use that to score points, however his sacking is coincidental to his appearance at TV station but not exactly the root cause.
Be that as it may, continuous and improved delivery is what we anticipate for the government of New Direction, I thus Opined & wish to recommend a sui generis comrade, a Core GYBist, a grassroots mobilizer, a media expert, with highly driven potential, a famously youth ambassador, an orator, eloquent, outspoken, and workaholic figure, Prince Suleiman Adinoyi to replace Hon Okara as I believe he can serve diligently in that capacity for more effectiveness. We believe in his worthiness and leadership qualities to deliver, and I on behalf of Kogi Central Youths & all Data Boyz beseech that he be considered with that portfolio._
I believe that the government of the new direction will see reasons as I have seen. A consideration for Prince Suleiman Adinoyi as Special Adviser, Sustainable Development Goals is a consideration for Youth inclusiveness and leadership per excellence.
In same vein I wish Prince suleiman Happy Birthday as today mark ur womb escape.
Bello Onimisi Abdulhameed

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