The implication of Kogi State having a man as Governor without certificate.

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By not presenting his WAEC results after presenting his testimonial asserting that he attended the prestigious Barewa College, Zaira as requested by law for those running for political offices in the country, Murtala Ajaka should stand automatically disqualified from participating in the upcoming Governorship election of Kogi state later this year.

The inconsistencies in his several depositions to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,over his guber bid shows that he is either being evasive or attempting a cover up which is an action that is a direct breach of the Nigerian Constitution and must not be swept under the carpet.

We are tired of being the butts of jokes as a state because our people are so sophisticated that they would never accept anything that can lead to the shaming of the state.

This statements are true when put vis-a-vis with the recent Revelations that one of the state front Governorship candidate, Murtala Ajaka, of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, was found to be involved in a certificate or school forgery case.

The fact that the authorities of the Barewa College through it’s principal in direct response to an enquiry by a citizen from Kogi east about Murtala Ajaka’s attendance of the prestigious college as student categorically stated clearly that at no time was he a student of the school and so never enrolled into it in the first place made the call for his disqualification genuine and a test case for INEC and the security agencies.

The electoral umpire and his party(SDP) must be seen as making concerted effort to unravel the truth to quickly determine if the embattled Murtala Ajaka could or could not continue as the guber candidate of the party because Kogi state cannot afford to have a man without the requisite qualification as it’s governor at this time.

For a man like Murtala Ajaka who is known as a formal deputy national publicity secretary, a new entrant into the state and above all popular in the state, those close to him revealed that he do not really possess a school certificate from Barewa College or neither attended the college despite claiming in his resume to the electoral empire.

All must be done now to stop him from becoming the governor of the state on account of this perjury and it’s effects on the state.

His poor educational background will surely affect governance in the state because he will be unable to policy making or even understanding of it talkless of embarking on any project that would help developing the state meaningfully. If he is allowed to govern the state as it’s governor, the state would definitely lose it’s glory because he would be limited in performances because of his poor educational background.

It is now very evident that Murtala Ajaka lacks the basic ingredient to effectively pilot the affair of Kogi state. Murtala Ajaka if found wanting must be dealt with to serve as deterrent to other political rascals who see aspiring to be the governor of a state like Kogi state as an all comers affairs without first possessing the basic requirement except money.

It is on record that since the revelation of his non attendance of Barewa College which he so claimed, he has been running from pillar to post to get out of this mess but that is getting increasingly impossible as non attendance of a school as prestigious as Balewa college cannot be covered since he has not been able to prove otherwise.

The call for the disqualification of Murtala Ajaka must be seen as a patriotic endeavour rather than politically motivated endeavour to score cheap political gains because this call is not intended to be malicious or a move to embarrass the candidate.
Comrade Shehu Ibrahim
Idah, Kogi state

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