Succession to the stool of Etsu Kupa-Mayaki: Let justice prevail. —–Council chairman suspend any traditional jubilation

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The Kogi State Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and Lokoja Local Government Area have been called upon to call Gbamace ruling House in Kupa Abugi to order before they set the area on fire.

The call was made by some concerned group of the community.

The history of Mayaki stool in Kupa Abugi dated back to 1832 when Mohammadu Kako ruled for 13 years as the founder of the dynasty according to history.

There are known three ruling Houses in the history of the kingdom that has ruled to date.

They are Gbamace ruling House, Apiyako ruling House, Api-Etsu Landu ruling House.

According to the history, Ascension to the throne has been on the basis of rotation until when Gbamace ruling House got to throne and have ruled for the last 93 years.

The struggled to succeed the Paramount ruler hence started with the three ruling Houses presenting the following from a reliable source.

Gbamace ruling present House Alhaji Dauda Kabir Isa, Apiyako ruling House present Alhaji Halilu Ibrahim and Alhaji Hussein Abdullahi while Api-Etsu Landu ruling House present Alhaji Kashim Ishiaku Musa.

Investigation revealed that there is no defined kingmakers in Abugi Kupa Kingdom. According to sources, what has been in place can be described as unpopular kingmakers.

The group alleged that since the death of Mayaki Alhaji Mohammed Kabir Isa 11 died on the 12th June, 2022, the ruling House give no peace to the area claiming that their son has been approved as the next Mayaki, whereas the claim was false but just to put the area into crisis.

The group said, the maturity displayed by the other two ruling Houses, Apiyako and Api-Etsu Landon restrained their people from reacting.

According to the source, Gbamache ruling House had ruled for six times from 1929 till date at the detriment of Apiyako House who ruled for three times and Api-Etsu Lando only ruled once.

“Ascension to the throne has been on the basis of rotation until when Gbamace ruling House hijacked the kingdom and have ruled for the last 93 years.

“However, Gbamace ruling House has been committing customary sacrilege by violating the rotational order of the kingdom from 1929 till date as they are now attempting to further violate same.

“We are therefore calling the authorities concerned and the governor of the state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello in particular to use his usual principle of equity, justice and fairness which he has been noted for and to consider especially the Api-Etsu Lando ruling House

“It should be brought to the notice of the public that the three ruling Houses are of equal status and should be treated as so, not one dominating the rest two as if they are lepers

“The perpetual occupation of the stool by one ruling House is unacceptable,” the group said.

Meanwhile, the Council Chairman of Lokoja Local Government Area, Honourable Mohammed Dan’asabe Mohammed has suspended any traditional jubilation of propaganda regarding the Chieftaincy title within Lokoja local government (Mayaki Kupa-Kupa Kingdom until approval giving from the local government through the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs who are the custodian of all Traditional council within kogi State.

This was coming following a rumor making around that Alhaji Dauda, the son of immediate passed Etsu Kupa Mayaki, late Alhaji Mohammed Kabir Isa 11 has been announced as the new Etsu Kupa Mayaki of Kupa Kingdom.

On the 23rd of August 2022, the nominee from Gbamace ruling House was announced as the Mayaki of Kupa by his people from Gbamace ruling House.

The jubilation by his supporters almost threw the whole community into violence that will breach the peace enjoyed in the community.

In a statement issued by the chairman through his Media person, Abubakar Muhammed stated that any traditional activities capable of disrupting the peaceful coexistence of the people within Lokoja local government will not be condoled as anyone or group of persons taking law upon themselves will not be spared.

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