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In fairness to late Dr Steve Makoji Achema, former Senior Special Assistant to the President, it is not out place to arrogate such traits to his blessed memory while alive..In fact the potentials of late political icon, goes beyond human imagination as he was distinctly a new face of igala political emancipation.  

But I don’t know the correlation between his patriotic roles and that of our current political gladiators the writter was referring to in his write up.

Because, if true is to be told,the protagonist of the writter that had suddenly turn to preach brotherliness and third term nomenclature, over the political ambition of who becomes kogi governor, is also a victim of the same drama. 

I don’t know why the ambition of an offshoot of a former governor, will be tagged “third term”,that means for a governor that contested and lost,even though legally insulated to participate,should also be tagged ‘third term’, if not ‘fourth term’,fallout of his desperate quest to return to power, and that of his brother gunning for same position. 

In a politically sane environment like kogi east,and with the growing political ostracisation of the people of the area,the informal and gentle man agreement as portrayed by the writter, should not be a corrolary in the approach towards the November election.

PDP as a strong political movement, is not jittery of any form of balkanisation of the party,or rather mar the chances of any candidate that eventually emerge for November election,as it is on record that the democratic instinct of the players and the party itself, is a clear norm, to annexing power in Kogi,as the people of the state are already yearning for the return of the party to the leadership of the state.

Moreover,the so called Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), stated in the writters opinion, was not an agreed or documented template, meant for the advancement of the political process in Kogi, from the eastern flank..If so, what of, if late Prince Abubakar Audu was alive to rule for the last four years,how do we redress the glaring anomaly. 

It is not politically moral to allow Dekina axis to leave out the next four years for it to rotate ,with the present misnomer witnessed in the political development of kogi state in the last four years,any part of Kogi east can venture into the rulership of the state from any part of the eastern flank. 

Any where the political process is been observed,funding is always a major factor either for the emergence of various candidates,hence the argument of an aspirant deploying huge sums of money to hijack the coming primaries for PDP, is out of place.  

If then, it was the argument,is there means that the last primaries in 2015 in Kogi, went to the highest bidder after the deployment of public funds to buy delegates votes?..this argument is erroneous  

PDP delegates this time around knows what the state needs and the sacrifice therein as repeating the mistakes of the past that brought us to were we are today,is diversionary. 

Aspirants are all financially buoyant to approach the primaries, as the party at the national and state level have also promised to create an enabling environment, for the emergence of credible and popular candidate for the November election in there is no need to raise needless alarm.

The outcome of the September primaries in PDP may produce the flagbearee from any of the three federal constituencies in Kogi east,without reservation or preference to any other area against any other.

What is simply required is a formidable candidate, that can contend with the current maladminstration of the APC led government in Kogi state, in the last three years.  

According to an igala adage,the drum beat had already known the name of the victor of the next primaries,a very young, agile, energetic, exposed and highly connected to drive the desired policies that will return kogi state to the glorious days.

The myopic idea of the newly contrived parlance know as “third term” should not be construed under the guise of ill conceived continuity ideology,not known in the history and political development of Igala nation. 

Enough is enough for the wise 

Audu Abudul

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