Re: False Allegation of ethnic discrimination in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST)

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Our attention has been drawn by some concerned stakeholders to the false allegation on ethnic discrimination purportedly reported in the MOEST by some misguided mischief makers.
For avoidance of doubt, and for the information of our esteem stakeholders the list of Directorates & LGA of Origin of Directors heading them in the MOEST as at today February 18, 2019 and following internal reorganization of December 2018 is detailed below.
1. Director ESS- Ogori Magongo LGA;
2. Director Exams & Certification- Kabba Bunu LGA;
3. Director Basic & Secondary Education- Yagba West LGA;
4. Direvtor Quality assurance- Kogi LGA;
5. Director Adult and Non-formal Education- Bassa LGA;
6. Accounts- Kabba Bunu;
7. DAF- Ogori Magongo LGA;
8. Diretor Education PR&S- Dekina LGA;
9. Director Tertiary Education – Dekina LGA;
10. Director Science & Technology – Kabba Bunu LGA;
11. PS is from Yagba West LGA.
Contrary to the false allegation of ethnic discrimination, despite her numerical strength Igalas head only 2 directorates at present and the emergence of Directors in line with the civil service rules is based on seniority. It is note worthy also that in a bid to improve work efficiency and performance, staff skills, competencies, qualifications and fields of specializations were core determinant of MOEST staff’ current job schedules.
We urge all sector stakeholders to discountenance unfounded rumors and vain attempts by mischief makers to discredit and undermine the ongoing efforts to reposition the MOEST. The MOEST website is accessible for information on institutional structure matters and other information. The Public Relations Unit is also available to clarify such issues as may be communicated from time to time.
It is further obvious that the uneven spread of management staff across senatorial district and ethnic nationalities based on the extant civil service rules emphasizes the loopsided recruitments in the past which could be addressed by a sector wide review of management staff in the future.
The claim therefore about Igalas having majority directorate positions in the MOEST as presently constituted, by some unidentified persons in the social media is false and mischievous especially given the numerical strength of the ethnic nationality.
Hon. Rosemary Ojochenemi Osikoya
Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology

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