Mr. President, Why Bello Should Not Be The APC Candidate.

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His Excellency,
President Muhammadu Buhari
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
State House.

Your Excellency
We wish to congratulate Your Excellency for the victory you recorded in the last Presidential and National Assembly elections in the country.It is well-deserved victory and we are very optimistic that you will take the country to the next level of socioeconomic transformation.We shall continue to pray for your good health and your success.

2)It is a great honour for us to introduce the Save Kogi Movement(SKM) to Your Excellency.A Coalition of several political,cultural and faith-based groups,the Movement has as its major objective the rescue of Kogi State from the stranglehold of Governor Yahaya Bello.Since January 2016 when he was swirn- in as the Governor of Kogi State ,it has been a tell-tale experience for the people of Kogi State.Nigerian citizens living in the State have experienced the most difficult times.It has fourth months of agony,hunger,illness,and avoidable death-all arising from unpaid salaries,pensions and the dismantling of most of the coping strategies like the cooperatives by which workers borrow money to pay shooc fees of their children,pay medical bills,pay rents and even buy or repair vehicles.All these have been visited on the people of Kogi state despite the fact that you have graciously facilitated funds for the states including especially Kogi state to attend to challenges like those listed above.You Excellency we are aware that between February 2016 and February 2019 ,the government of Kogi State led by Alhaji Yahaya Bello has received almost 300 billion naira from the Federal Account and Allocation Committee.In addition to this,Bail out facility to tune of 20 billion,Paris Club Refund1,2 and 3 to the tune of 19 billion naira as well as Refund for Road  Construction by preceding government of 11 billion naira.You Excellency,,Sir,the revenue profile given above is unmatched by any previous profile since the state was created in 1991.All these nothwistanding,the people of the state have suffered untold  and unprecedented hardship in the hand of the Governor Yahaya Bello administration.All categories of workers and pensioners are being owed several months of arrears of  salaries,pensions,deductions for cooperatives.Workers have been placed on salary percentages of between 20 to 30 percent since the inception of the administration in 2016.Workers and pensioners  at local government areas have been reduced to beggars as they can no longer fulfill their family responsibilities – be it shelter,food,school fees,health care etc.It is on record that three civil servants committed suicide in 2017.

Lack of infrastructure development.
You Excellency, it is sad and disheartening that the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello had not been able to complete the execution of any infrastructure project except the Kogi Revenue. House.Three roads across the three Senatorial Districts of the State were started since 2016 but have been abandoned.These roads are the Ibana/Okpo/Ogugu/Ette road,Agassa/Upogoro to Auchi Bye Pass,rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of the federal road from Iyamoye/Ife- Olukotun/Ponyan/Jege/Ejuku/Ijowa road.As at today the completion rate is less than 20%.The Ganaja flyover has opened a floodgate of controversy in the state.The project project was awarded by the preceding government to TEC ENGINEERING LTD but it was not paid for.But the sum of 1.8 billion naira was released for it by Governor Yahaya Bello since 2016.By today over three years later no visible work has been done at site.No achievement has been recorded in the housing,water supply,health care,education etc sectors.

Violence and proliferation of arms  in the state
———————————–In Kogi state there is the proliferation of arms and ammunition among the youths of the state.There were reports  in the mediaof imported military uniforms and other military wares which were linked to the Kogi State government.Many Kogi youths have been recruited as thugs ,drugged,armed with sophisticated weapons and in leashed on the people of the state to cause mayhem.The State was turned to a war zone during the recent State House of assembly election.Armed robbery,kidnapping and banditry,ritual killing have become rampant in the state.Innocent citizens and political opponents have been the targets of many of these unwholesome activities.

Obnoxious policies and programmes of the government.
Since Governor Yahaya Bello was sworn-in as the Governor of the State,many policies and programmes that are retrogressive,repressive and oppressive have been introduced.Among these are the purported Civil Service Reforms through which Directors,Permanent Secretaries became tenured and were retired prematurely.Many civil servants were retrenched,many more were denied promotion,even those that were promoted were not cash backed.The separation of power principle as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic has been contemptuously treated by the government of Kogi state.In this regard ,the legislature and the judiciary are treated as departments under the governors office Part of the fall out of this is the crisis that has engulfed the relationship between the Executive and the judicial arms of the Kogi State Government.In this crisis,the Courts have been closed for more than eight months,the staff of that arm have remained unpaid for for as many months.Since 2016 local government election have not been conducted;instead Sole Administrators were appointed into the  21  Local Councils to oversee their affairs.During the same period virtually no social development of any measure has taken lace in these Councils.All the time,the staff are on percentage salary payment.The Administrators allegedly see their allocations on paper.

Conclusion and prayer.
From the foregoing and many other issues not mentioned here in,it is evident that Governor Yahaya Bello has not performed he HSS failed to make the APC and the President proud having failed to uphold the tenets of his party.The All Progressives Congress(APC) is a party of integrity whose strength is drawn from the strong and globally acclaimed anti-corruption stance of   it President.A party like this should not have room for a person like Governor Yahaya Bello whose government knows no rules about transparency,accountability,integrity and due process.We therefore,pray the President and the leadership of the Party to make sure that Governor Yahaya Bello is not allowed to fly the flag of the APC as its candidate in the November 2019 Kogi State governorship election.The party should source for a matured and development oriented person from anywhere in the state to be its candidate for the November 2019  election.

Long live APC
Long live Kogi State,Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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