Open Letter to Kogi State Commissioner of Education

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I bring you greetings from the Eastern part of kogi state. I will start by pleading that you pardon my impudence for bothering you with such a trivial issue. But in trying times such as this ma, I couldn’t think of a better person to come to our rescue other than you.
I graduated from kogi state university since March 2018, from one of the departments in social sciences.
Having graduated with high expectations of being mobilised for NYSC after 8months(without any spill over) which is outrageous but the usual duration which has come to be accepted by many students, It has become rather disturbing that departments such as Economics, political science and Mass communication failed to mobilise their graduates after 8months of graduation for NYSC, with an excuse that results are not ready.
Ma, we have accepted the fact that we were not fortunate enough to have attended universities where students are given the necessary attentions they deserve. We have also accepted the fact that we were not fortunate enough to have schooled in universities where graduates’ scripts and final results are given utmost attention in order to enable such graduates get mobilised for the next batch of NYSC(usually a month or two after final exams).
But ma, having stayed at home for 10months, spending the last 2months trying to recuperate from the disappointment of not joining the November batch and also entertaining false hope that results will be ready before the next mobilisation by March 2019, it saddens me to inform you that no reasonable step has been taken so far by these departments to get our results ready. This can only mean that Economics, Political science and Mass communication departments are not willing to mobilise their graduates of almost one year old for NYSC by March.
It is in respect of this unjust and unfair treatment of the graduates from the above listed departments and some other departments outside social sciences faculty in kogi state university that I beseech, you come to our rescue by visiting the school management to put an end to this abnormality.
On behalf of the victims of this ugly situation, I say a big thank you in anticipation for your intervention.


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