Justice Ajana Cannot and Will Not Be Cowed

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By Sister Jinatu.

Justice Nasiru Ajanah Chief Judge of Kogi State

The Hon Justice Nasir Ajanah must be in a constant state of blushing bcos of the encommium that those who know him very well have been pouring out to him!

As the eldest sister to the Kogi State Chief Judge and my humble self a very old member of the this noble profession I can’t but be so robustly proud of my baby brother for making the entire MALLAM AUDU AJANAH FAMILY proud for the way and manner he has conducted himself in the face of the action of the tyrant and clueless despot in Kogi State.

One is humbled by the respect and awe the name AUDU AJANAH invokes in Ebiraland because of the enviable record of service of the Hon CJ ‘s grandfather and three of his uncles (of blessed memory) who conducted their judicial functions during the colonial era fearlessly and jurisprudentially.

With such a formidable PEDIGREE Justice Nasir cannot and will NOT be cowed into being any thing but honourable in his conduct and profession.

Stay blessed and continue to FLY THE UNBLEMISHED BANNER OF JURISPRUDENCIAL EXCELLENCE handed to us by our fathers which was handed over to them by your grandfather. Stay cool brother we love you very dearly.

This cup of envy drought will soon pass by because it’s not for you.

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