Jibrin Momoh: The Ideal Candidate for Governor of Our State

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By Hon Ebije Ughede Paul

As the next gubernatorial election draws closer, the citizens of our state, my beloved fellow kogites must make a crucial decision on who they believe is best suited to lead our beloved state to greater heights.

It is with utmost confidence that I present to you Alhaji Jibrin Momoh, an accomplished accountant general who possesses the necessary qualities and experience to take our state to the next level.

As a Frontline aspirant contesting on the highly esteemed platform of our great party, The All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Jibrin has the wherewithal to Cruise to victory during the November’s governorship election if he is given the party’s ticket in the forthcoming primary election.

Alhaji Jibrin’s track record speaks for itself. As the accountant general, he has demonstrated exceptional financial management skills, which have led to prudent and judicious use of state funds.

Under his leadership, the state has witnessed a steady growth in its revenue, which has been invested in critical infrastructure development, social welfare programs, and education. His experience in financial management and budgeting would be an asset in the governorship position, as he would ensure the efficient use of state resources to meet the needs of the people.

Furthermore, Mr. Momoh’s integrity and commitment to service are unquestionable. His ethical standards and sense of responsibility are evident in his work as the accountant general, where he has prioritized accountability and transparency.

By way of putting the state on the global view for financial prudence, he has implemented policies that have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s financial management system, thereby reducing opportunities for corruption and financial impropriety majority of which the state has been constantly appluaded by World Bank. As governor, he would bring the same level of integrity and commitment to service to bear, ensuring that the state is managed in a manner that is fair, just, and equitable.

Alhaji Jibrin’s educational background is also noteworthy. He holds a degree in accounting from a reputable institution, the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria as well as several professional certifications. His knowledge of financial management, coupled with his experience in public service, would be invaluable in managing the state’s finances and ensuring that resources are utilized in a manner that maximizes the benefits to the people.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Alhaji Jibrin’s personality and character are traits that make him a suitable candidate for the governorship position. He is humble, approachable, and has a strong work ethic.

Hehas demonstrated his commitment to the people of our state through his service as the accountant general, and has shown that he has the leadership qualities necessary to manage the affairs of the state if given the ticket and elected as governor.

Alhaji Jibrin’s exceptional record, integrity, educational background, and personality make him the ideal candidate for the governorship position in our state. He has shown that he has the competence, experience, and vision to take our state to the next level. I urge all citizens of our state to support Mr. Momoh and to vote for him as the next governor of our great.

While we patiently wait for April 10 for the primary election of the APC wherein alot of party’s patriots are also vying for the golden ticket, it is my candid opinion and passionate plea that the delegates whose duty it is to nominate a credible candidate, should look beyond region and religion and focus more on competence and trackable antecedents of the various candidates which of course I do know that Alhaji Momoh decently and excellently stands out amongst them.

He is the unifying catalysts on whose wings the party can be assured of winning the main election during the November’s poll.

Hon. Ebije Ugbede Paul is the Director General of Alhaji Jibrin Momoh Governorship Campaign Organization

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