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Rising from a strategy meeting three days ago, the self-acclaimed master-strategist and the de facto governor of the “New Direction” government of Governor Yahaya Bello, Edward Onoja, has boasted that with the Governor’s approval to fritter ten billion Naira on some key stakeholders, the issue of securing the APC Governorship ticket for the November 16, 2019 election is a done deal. In a manner reminiscent of a drunken-sailor, Chief Onoja assures his motley crowd of hangers-on that the ticket is a done-and-dusted issue and that all that is left is for the boys to get ready to do the needful during the must-win election.

A source said that the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomole is designated to benefit Two Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000) to sway his firm position having openly but indirectly said Bello would not get the Party’s ticket in line with the APC’s stance and President Buhari’s indisposition to Governor’s who are owing salaries despite the bailout funds provided by the government. The Nigerian Labour Congress has consistently said Bello is owing up to 36 months of salaries, exclusive of pensions which shares the same fate, making him the biggest culprit ever in the history of Nigeria.

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC is billed to get and share Three Billion Naira (N3,000,000,000) amongst themselves to engender their support. The Remaining Five Billion Naira (N5,000,000,000) would go to strategic Presidency staff and top security personnels especially the DSS and the Police.

Before now, all entreaties to the National Chairman of the APC and the NWC of the Party has not yielded any result and Edward’s belief that “everyone has a price” must have ignited the new wave of spending fueled by his desperation to succeed Bello after the completion of his seize four year term. Part of the unfolding ploy is to either feature Edward as Bello’s running mate in the forthcoming election or use Chief Amade Edime and later impeach him in favor of Edward in the event they succeed at the polls.

All that is left to be seen is if Comrade Adams Oshiomole would fall for the bait and if all the NWC members of the Party would subscribe to the ploy in the face of the imminent threat of losing the State to the opposition in the event Bello is able to literarily buy the ticket.

Yahaya Bello has also sent emissaries to assure Oshiomole and other NWC members that if he could deliver almost one hundred percent of Kogi State to the APC in the last set of elections, the Party should trust him to do more in the forthcoming election bragging that the election will be concluded in his favor before noon of November 16th.

Already, the first phase of the strategy has kicked- off with the campaign of calumny against perceived opponents of the governor by hired social media propagandist and influencers whose mandate also include blackmailing and maligning those members of the NWC they view as non-conformist or uncooperative.

To further this resolve, some members of the NWC, some elements in the Presidency and the security apparatuses have been mobilized to finalize the processes leading to the agreements and the delivery of the packages. The bank has also been put on notice to deliver the Ten Billion Naira dollar equivalent, in cash, as soon as the deal is struck.

For a state whose citizens have been pulverized by maladmistration and mismanagement of resources with the attendant poverty and depression that have led to severe deaths some through suicide, this can be regarded as the most sinister and wicked inhumanity of man to man ever in Nigeria’s Democratic history.

The Comrade and his NWC members are known as people of high integrity and empathy but whether that will apply in this case is left to be seen.

Culled from Global News

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