Gov Bello's Aide Shut, 1 Killed, Disappointed With INEC

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An aide to Kogi State Governor, Kabiru Aliyu was on Friday night shut while a security man attached to him was killed by some gunmen.
The incident happened at about 6.30 pm in the evening in Okene town.
According to a source, his vehicle was stopped by the gunmen and forced the door of the car open but when his security man tried to fight back he was killed on the spot while the governor’s aide wounded by the gunmen.
However reacting to the incident, yesterday after casting his vote, governor Bello said On one of his aide that was attacked he said the opposition are violent is expected they are only prepared for violence, they want to disrupt the election that is why they have been doing that.
“Only yesterday Friday one of my aids was killed in the same manner and in the yesterday episode we thank God my aid survived and the second person was saved but unfortunately we lost a police officer in that attack.
“I have told every body including security agencies to maintain peace and order.
On the failed card reader machine he “i pray what happen here this morning does not happen in other polling units across the country.
“If the card reader is going to trip off by 2pm and we are almost two hours behind schedule you can imagine how many people would be disenfranchised.
“At this polling unit we have 844 registered voters and we are supposed to have two voting points but only one card reader was brought here so how will everybody vote before 2pm today and if such is happening in other places INEC should have a rethink about this particular exercise
On his assessment of the exercise
He said people are really charged and they want to vote their leaders and I know exactly the direction the election is going. INEC is not measuring up to that responsibility then the number votes would be very low, a lot of people would not pick interest in this type of exercise in the future
“My expectation is victory, I know it us going to be peaceful and so far it has been peaceful across the State and the country.
“My advice for voters is for them to remain calm and orderly so that they can cast their votes peacefully.

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