Gov. Bello’s achievements will propel Ododo to victory

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Yekini Jimoh

Less than two months to Kogi Governorship election, various political parties are making frantic efforts to have the support of the electorates for the November 11 Governorship election.

The candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC)/Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman took the bull by the horn as he mate with various political stakeholders, religious leaders, various communities and traditional rulers for there supports.

Some school of thought were of the believed that Ododo will win the coming election base on the achievements of governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello in the last seven years in office.

Talking about his achievements, governor Bello who became the governor of Kogi state through the intervention of God has done so much for the people of the state in terms of his track records.

First for him to succeed, he implemented the EBIGO policy, which stands for the major ethnic groups in the state: Ebira, Igala, and Okun, which has resulted in the fair distribution of amenities and a balanced approach to appointments, ensuring justice and fairness.

He adminstration is guided by the New Direction Agenda, which has remarkably transform the state into a grater hight in the last seven years.

His visionary approach focused on Agriculture, Tourism, Industry, Health, and Education. To bolster agricultural production and productivity, he has implemented measures such as facilitating improved access to credit, modernising farming techniques, and encouraging private sector investments.

Under his leadership, Kogi State has established several prestigious universities, such as Prince Abubakar Audu University in Anyigba, which has attracted thousands of aspiring students. These institutions have achieved 100% accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to providing quality education and training. The Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, is another notable institution that aims to promote science and technological education.

Similarly, the newly established Kogi State University Kabba added another plus to his administration.

There is no doubt that his commitment to investing in education and fostering innovation has made these institutions highly sought-after by students and employers.

The transformation of secondary schools, such as the GYB Model Secondary School in Adankolo, Lokoja, has left an indelible mark on the history page of the state. This project has been replicated in other senatorial districts and aims to promote science and technology in Kogi State.

The government has also made significant contributions to primary education funding, enhancing school infrastructure, and implementing scholarship programmes and educational grants to ensure equal opportunities for underprivileged students. Governor Yahaya Bello’s legacy in education serves as a model for other states to study, particularly in terms of educational development.

Today the governor has provided comprehensive healthcare services, including community-driven interventions and referrals when necessary. Proactive measures have been taken to control public health emergencies through various intervention programmes, including the establishment of a public health emergency operation centre and treatment centres for diseases like Lassa fever and other infectious diseases.

The progress made so far in the health sector in Kogi State is a testament to Bello’s commitment to improving the well-being of its citizens. Through strategic planning, effective governance, and partnerships, the state has achieved remarkable milestones in healthcare delivery. Kogi State has been certified polio-free, and the government has established a Drugs and Medical Supplies Management Agency to ensure the availability and distribution of high-quality drugs and medical consumables.

Also, his administration has not failed to meet the electorate’s expectations, with notable projects such as the Central Reference Hospital in Okene, expected to attract patients worldwide and provide commendable service provision. Under Governor Yahaya Bello’s transformative leadership, the health sector has witnessed an unprecedented transformation, surpassing any previous records in history.

He also focused on infrastructural development, meeting the electorate’s expectations through exceptional quality projects.

The construction of the Ganaja Junction Flyover in Lokoja has alleviated traffic congestion and improved the efficiency of the road transportation system.

His administration has also undertaken numerous road rehabilitation projects across the state, resulting in smoother travel for citizens and promoting rural development. The ongoing development of 29 roads across Kogi State demonstrates the commitment of Governor Bello’s administration to infrastructural development as a significant percentage of these projects have been completed, showcasing the administration’s dedication to progress.

Governor Bello has also spearheaded the establishment of the President Muhammed Buhari Civic Centre, a state-of-the-art event venue with a capacity of 15,000 people.

The team working alongside him in the new Direction administration consists of individuals with exceptional intellectual capabilities, remarkable cognitive skills, and unwavering political determination. Worth mentioning is Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, the APC candidate for the forthcoming Governorship Election in Kogi State on November 11, 2023.

Governor Bello atested to the ability and capability of Ododo as the next governor of the state when he discosed during his addressed to mark the 32nd anniversary of the creation of Kogi State, that Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo is the candidate that was unanimously selected and presented to Kogi State as the candidate for the 2023 gubernatorial elections, noting that Ododo and Joel are the preferred successor to the GYB years.

His words, “Today, I look to that future with an urgent imperative to ensure that we do not fall into the hands of a leadership in our State after me that will ignore the needs of our people or of our State for good governance and proportional cum accelerated development that respects our great diversity.

“We anticipate improved infrastructure, education, healthcare, security and agricultural advancements, with enhanced cooperation and integration amongst citizens.

“In this regard, and as I round off my time in office, I aim to ensure that Kogi State transitions into the hands of a successor that is committed to continuity and consolidation of the far-reaching legacies of our administration and is able to keep providing our people with the empathetic, practical and transformational leadership that is so crucial to the next stage of our development.

“Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman is the candidate that we have selected and presented to Kogi State as the candidate for the 2023 Gubernatorial Elections and our preferred successor to the GYB years. He is well known for his humility and humanness, underlined by professionalism and strong leadership skills.

“I am confident in his ability to continue the upward trend in our growth graph established by our New Direction Administration and I solicit your support for him in the November 11 Kogi State Governorship Elections.

Ododo a former Auditor-General for Local Government in Kogi State and winner of the APC Primary Election held on April 14, 2023. He is widely regarded as a loyalist of Governor Bello.

Aside that Ododo is seen as a competent and credible administrator with a track record of transparency and accountability in public service. He is an independent-minded and visionary politician who would take Kogi State to greater heights. He has the capacity to sustain and surpass the uncommon legacies of Governor Bello without compromising.


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