Gov. Bello rates self high as he mark 7 years in office

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The Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has said that no single Governor can completely rebuild a society in the time available to one administration.

Governor Bello who made this known on Friday while marking his 7th years in office said even if he vacate office today, he can live with a clear conscience, confident that he did hus best for Kogites with the time and resources available to him.

He said they have worked assiduously as an Administration to fulfill the mandate which the people of the state have so enthusiastically entrusted to them twice now.

“We have executed life-transforming projects across the length and breadth of Kogi State from City to Town to Villages, even Hamlets. At a time when the Naira has been steadily contracting in real value and supply, our Administration can boast of an array of projects numbering in their thousands.

“Our aspiration is a Nigeria where we can all meet in our rich diversity, unite in our nationhood and travel together towards our shared greatness.

“So, on this 7th year of our Administration in Lugard House, we celebrate our achievements for our people because they are the most important measures of how far and how well we have come”.

The governor who role out his achievements in the last seven years said, his administration did not underestimate the amount of work they needed to do to overcome the abysmally low levels of socioeconomic development.

” We inherited, but we also refused to glorify impossibilities. We assembled a multidisciplinary team of consultants to develop our New Direction Blueprint as a governance roadmap to help focus our efforts in executing the promises we made to Kogites

“Put simply, we met great problems, but we also mobilized great courage and inventiveness to solve them together. Till today, we continue to tackle our challenges with stoicism and the heart of a Lion. For the first time since Kogi State was created we programmed equity into the spread of government appointments and projects

“Merit, fairness and justice determined the selection and placement of persons who worked with us, and when it came to projects, we have tried to spread the love proportionately between our 3 Senatorial Districts. Tribe, religion and class are no longer the determinants of who or where gets what. They play no role except as a measure of proportionality, and only in the pursuit of inclusivity.

“To me, Kogi State is a metaphor for our Nation. We are the intersection at the heart of Nigeria where compatriots from different parts of Nigeria meet everyday on their journey of life, share a meal or a short rest and travel together to mutual destinations

“Our aspiration is a Nigeria where we can all meet in our rich diversity, unite in our nationhood and travel together towards our shared greatness,” he said.

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