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By Emmanuel Ayodeji
There was a meeting held at the Solid rock hotel in kabba last night between our traditional rulers across okun land, in attendance are the Obaro of kabba, Elegbe of Egbe, Olujumu, Elulu of Mopa.
At the meeting, Ijumu Administrator, Hon Taofiq told the traditional rulers to pretend as if nothing happens on Saturday and that there will be crisis. Pleaded with the Royal fathers not to feel bad in whatever happens on Saturday.
At the meeting, Kabba was assigned to Hon Olakunle Jagun, SSA security to Yahaya Bello and the in-laws of Hon. Speaker, Kolawole Matthew who will be coming to the town as thugs from Okene.
Part of their plan is to kidnap, injure or assassinate Senator Dino on the election day. Taofiq begged the Royal fathers to please plead with the governor over Dino’s reelection and such will never repeat itself again.
They also assured the Royal fathers that they have compromised the security. Taofiq told the Obas that on Saturday, they will step on toes and they (the Obas) should never mind the outcome. The Obaro of Kabba in his remarks, said he has been in pains since the emergence of Senator Dino Melaye and pleaded with the appointees to use the same method (thugs) used by the APC in kogi Central and East in Okun land.
The Elulu Mopa in his own remarks said he doesn’t have an official vehicle and all the appointees have refused to visit his palace. The appointees quickly pleaded with him and promised to take to correction henceforth.
Some of the appointees in attendance are Hon. Omodara, SA on security to Yahaya Bello, Hon Kolawole Matthew, Speaker Kogi Assembly, Hon Olakunle Jagun, Hon Taiwo Orebiyi, Hon. Aiyelabowo Adebanji and others.
The SA Security, Hon. Omodara also told the Royal fathers to please corporate with them on Saturday and they should hold back their families on the election day. He also promised to handle Bunu land for APC.
We therefore, call on the security agencies to please take note and whatever happened on the election day, they should be held responsible.
Thank You.
Emmanuel Ayodeji
Concerned Okun Youth For Peace


  1. Adeiza From Ebira land.

    What an irony! “So called concerned youth of okun pans for peace” planing to right and cause unrest,…. U d scribe as peace? Remember, elections will come and go, but Dino you are planning to kill or kidnap is your brother and a child of God. Note:he who carry the sword, must die by the sword…


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