Don’t Squander Your Goodwill Over a Failed Project – Ajileye tells Faleke

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PASTOR Stanley Ajileye, a prominent clergy and political commentator in Kogi State has called on Hon James Abiodun Faleke, to look before he takes a leap in his political alignment towards November 16 gubernatorial election in Kogi State.
Ajileye, who was a strong pillar in the Audu Faleke Media Team that cruised APC into victory in 2015, said the latest move of Faleke collapsing his political structure in the state, into the structure of Governor Yahaya Bello, is unpopular and it casts aspersions on the huge acceptability of the House of Representatives member.
According to him, it is more honourable for the Arole of Ekinrin Adde to remain silent and watch the people of Kogi who have suffered untold hardship in the last four years put their destinies in their hands to chart a new course for the state through an alternative party.
Pastor Ajileye said, it is unfortunate that Faleke decided to take his white linen to the pig-swamp for a reason unfathomable in the hall of reason.
Ajileye who punctured insinuation that Faleke was bribed by Governor Bello, insists that, Faleke can not be induced financially.
“Faleke is my brother, anyone that knows him well will agree with me that, he can not fall for financial inducement from Governor Bello; the problem, I think, has to do with a desire to please some big people somewhere.”
Unfortunately according to the clergy who is also a strong member of PDP, those interests Faleke is trying to protect, have no consideration for the plight of our people in Kogi State. He said this is a time when the interest of the downtrodden people of Kogi State shout take precedence over personal interest.
Ajileye in his submission said this new alliance of Faleke has failed before take off, because PDP will win this election.

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