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As ethnic nationalities demand apology
There appears to be suspicion, confusion and division in the ranks of the Kogi People’s Democratic Party over the comments of racism and tribalism credited to its gubernatorial Candidate, Engr Musa Wada.
Members of the Campaign council who a non igalas are said to be angry with their Candidate for the comments of “Igala Will continue to rule and heaven won’t fall” comments on AIT.
The statement we gathered led to the resignation of Mr Majeed Dahiru, Chairman of the communications committee of the Campaign council, Mr Dahiru an Ebira man is a newspaper columnist and respected public opinion analyst.
In another development, some ethnic nationalities comprising of Okun Ebira, Bassa and Ogori Magongo has demanded an open apology from People’s Democratic Party gubernatorial Candidate, Engr Musa Wada over his “Igala will rule and heaven won’t fall” commentvon Africa Independent Television, the group made the comments in a press release duly signed by Deacon Gwattana Jacob and Ambassador Akerejola Isreal, the group says that the press release is a reaction to the demeaning and insulting comments of the People’s Democratic Party Candidate, Engr Musa Wada on African Independent Television AIT programme where he rudely and unintelligently insulted other ethnic groups in Kogi State.
The group described it as unfortunately embarrassing for a Candidate who want to govern the state to say governorship seat is a right of Igala people and that heaven will not fall if they win again, they said such a statement is provocative, tribalistic and unlike a gubernatorial hopeful.
“As representatives of our ethnic nationalities, we are utterly disturbed, completely embarrassed and reject in totality, such reckless, inciting and unguided statement coming from a supposed educated person.
This statement has further confirmed our suspicion of Igala domineering tendency, we demand immediate apology from Mr Musa Wada, the statement read.
Our correspondent who went into town to feel the opinion of the people about the statement says it has actually formed a negative perception of the people against Engr Wada.
A Bassa man who is a public servant says the statement credited to Mr Musa Wada is true and that is the belief of an average Dekina person, the man who preferred to be anonymous says as we speak, Dekina LGA alone has the Reps member that belongs to the two LGAs, a Dekina man is Kogi East Senator, A Dekina woman is the APC national Women Leader and now PDP Candidate, you see that they want to take everything? The man asked.
A senior member of the PDP Campaign Council who wants his name not mentioned because he is not authorised to speak has said that more than ten prominent members of the Campaign council will leave the party in days ahead.
The source says that the members have lost confidence in the party and its leaders, he says the morale of party faithful is low and they are mostly confused.
The activities of the days ahead will determine the fate of the party.

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