Between Gov.Yahaya Bello and his political appointees without electoral values.

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By Otori Ozigi.
True, the just concluded presidential/ national elections is an opener for our amiable governor, Alhaji yahaya Adoza bello on the political relevance of all stakeholders,party faithful and his hundreds of political appointees in their immediate polling units, wards and federal constituencies across the state.
The elections brought to the fore what many of these have been hiding from the governor in the last 3 years that they have been enjoying their new found status and change of level in the society .
Yes their true electoral values have been brought to the limelight’s by their performance in the elections .
As we are all already aware 90 percent of the appointees are as useless and valueless as most under age children in the state. So many of us who are not in his cabinet we’re able to deliver our polling units to all APC candidates.
My humble self who is a Journalist outside the system was able to deliver my polling units in Adavi Eba to APC . My younger brother Hon. Ishaq Asuku Ilyas who was the Arrowhead in the elections successfully delivered his ward to APC.
It is disheartening that all the political appointees from Kogi west in particular are not worth the papers in which their letters of appointments was written.
As we approach the gubernatorial election in November the action governor should immediately sack all of them and replace them with new hands before they disappoint him again when the chips are down.
As far as am concern there is nothing honourable about them in the value chain in the state. A stitch in time saves nine. Let the governor do the needful before they technically nail his second term ambition.
Otori Ozigi is a veteran Journalist and Expert in PR

One thought on “Between Gov.Yahaya Bello and his political appointees without electoral values.

  1. Joseph Ozigis Akomodi

    In response to the article dated February 26, 2019,Which reads, “Between Gov.Yahaya Bello and His Political Appointees without Electoral Values.” It is clear that the Governor of Kogi State had instructed all his aids to deliver their constituencies by force or by fire. That is to say, the will of the masses must be truncated. It is clear in this article that specific orders were given from the above to either delivered by rigging or manipulations. It is clear in this article, that there could never be any credible election in Nigeria.
    It is also clear to anyone with half a brain, that Nigeria is on the verge of collapsing. When corruption and looting are the order of the day. Just take a moment and see the corrupt men and women in this picture which clearly indicates that Nigeria is in deep trouble with these kinds of faces in the helm of affairs of our Nation or States respectively.
    I wept for my Nation but such tears have to dry fast seeing even those who are marginalized could praise and hail the same people who are oppressing them. I have concluded that Nigeria is in a doom stage, nothing unless with the help of God that could salvage Nigeria. Corruption has so eaten deep into the bone marrow of the Nation that even those who claim to fight against corruption do not even remember the definition of corruption.
    I am perturbed for anyone to clearly make this assertion yet they will not be brought to justice by the rule of law. This is a clear confession of their evil deed in the Nation. The same youths of Nigeria hailed them and complained of hunger later on.
    President Putin was right when he stated that Africa, in general, is like graveyard where politicians loots at will and stockpiled their loots in the western world, goes for medical treatment in the Western world, send their children to expensive schools in the western world and return home to be celebrated and be buried in their African graveyard. How can African be developed when we have these kinds of gullible men in the helm of affairs of our Nation.
    This is a clear admission that they have only one agenda the will of the people must be truncated. Joseph Stalin, clearly stated when you hold a live chicken and pilled all their feathers away to the point that the chicken bleeds and drop them on the ground and give them maize they will continue to eat and follow you. They have just forgotten the same person caused them the pain they are following to eat remnants in their hands.
    I am glad that in Kogi West the men and women from that part of Kogi State did what any civilized Nation will do they stood by the principle of reality that the will of the masses prevailed. Even though money was shared it was shared because that money was there salaries been used for election manipulations and they knew who among Dino and Smart Adeyemi will sell them for a penny. The Kogi West knew that they wanted accurate representations not stooges of the Governor. I duff my hat for Kogi West.
    No Western Nation who will see what happened in Africa will not think Africa was created by mistake. It is true. If not, what stops Africa to move ahead? They are quick to blame the develop Nation for their ills. It is pathetic for anyone to think that the Western world is responsible for the stupidity of our African continent.
    May God Almighty comes to the rescue of Africans in Africa because very soon this great continent will not be in existence. We wondered why we are treated differently in the outside world because of people you see in this picture. Since those in Africa could not even hold their leaders accountable because they have just gotten a peanut from them then our journey from the emancipation of mental slavery will never be achieved.
    I humbly submit this for all Africans to read:
    Joseph Ozigis Akomodi
    New York, United States of America


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