59th Independence: Govt, Politicians promoting impunity in Nigeria- Kogi Activist declares

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A human right activity in Kogi State comrade Idris Miliki has commended Nigerians for standing together as one in the last 59 years but warned that, the alleged impunity enjoyed by government at all level, politicians in the country is setting the nation backward in terms of development.
Miliki who is the Execute Director, Conscience for Human Right and Conflict Resolution, (CHRCR) stated this in Lokoja during an interview with newsmen on Tuesday.
He said despite that this period is worthy of celebration, those governing the country have continued put aside the constitutional provision of the land, by promoting impunity, disobeying court order and impoverishing the citizen they govern.
The human right activity further stated that, if Nigerian leaders are sincere to the people they govern, there is need to look at the issues of impunity, governance inclusiveness and democratic principles as it is important for all arms of government to function effectively if the nation must continue to enjoy peace and development.
While calling for a review in the policies of the country, Miliki emphasized that, the current economic and security challenges bedeviling the country could be addressed, if the government invest more in peace rather than maintaining peace.
He however lashed both Federal and State government for spending unjustifiable resources on security votes.
“When we look at issues in Nigeria, some people thinks is about federal government. No doubt the federal government takes larger responsibility. But their are other responsibilities meant for the state and local government.
“Unfortunately, people still enjoy impunity, lack of democratic principles and rule of law. Local government election are not conducted at various State in the country. For me, this are very key issues. If u want to enjoy democracy, if you want to enjoy peace, and bring development, all arms of government must function effectively.
“So you can not be conducting election at Federal, and State level and yet the resources that are made available for local government are not utilized.
” There are no participation at local government level. So for that, we need to look at it. What does the law say? In Nigeria, politicians enjoy impunity, they don’t respect court injunctions, they don’t respect court pronouncement and yet they are beneficiary of some of those impunity they put in place.
” Bogus security votes both federal and state should be looked into. Are we really fighting war at state level that some state governors will be spending unjustifiable resource on security. Do we look at institutions of peace? Do we invest in peace in Nigeria? The answer is no.
“We only invest in war. And their are clear difference between maintaining security and building peace. In terms of security, economy and many more things have not been moving smoothly. But we must commend our self for staying together as one despite all this challenges” he stated.

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