Why We Are Supporting Hon Jimoh Omiata For 7th Kogi House of Assembly Speakership Position

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Hon Abdullahi Abdulganiyu, the Coordinator of the White Lion Family, has expressed his mind on the reasons the coalition of 48 associations in Kogi are resolute in supporting Hon Jimoh Omiata to be the Speaker of 7th Kogi House of Assembly.

Hon Jimoh Omiata is presently a member of Kogi House of Assembly representing the good people of Yagba East state constituency, and he has also been re-elected.

”As the election into the speakerhip draws closer which is coming up June 4, 2019, it becomes very paramount for me to state unquivocally the reasons Hon Jimoh Omiata should be considered for the speakership position.

”First and foremost I want to applaud the efforts of our amiable and workaholic Governor, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi State and by the special grace of the Almighty Allah, he shall be the 5th Executive Governor of Kogi State (The white lion); and our sagacious and exemplary leader Chief David Edward Onoja (The White Oracle) with all other APC Stalwarts,” Abdulganiyu said.

According to Abdulganiyu, Hon Jimoh Omiata had wanted to contest for Yagba Federal House of Representatives but he was asked to step down for the purpose of peace and tranquility of which he hearkened to the order because of his meek and kind personality.
Abdulganiyu said that Omiata reliquished his interest for Hon Tuesday Abimbola from Mopamuro Local Government Area, even when there was a clarion call that he (Jimoh Omiata) should represent the good people of Yagba Federal constitency at the green chamber.

The coordinator said that the good people of Yagba East was perplexed and not pleased with the development even when they had been sidelined them for long time even under the APC Government to fill the position of house of representatives.

Abdulganiyu added that the development really triggered a lot of problem in Yagba East as the local government felt cheated in that regard, including the elders, youths, men, women, old, young, educated and uneducated was not happy at all as their expectations were cut off unexpectedly.

He, therefore, appreciated the efforts of the Commisioner for Finance Hon Asiwaju Mukadam Asiru, Hon Jimoh Omiata and other APC stakeholders in Yagba East who went extra miles to plead and appeal to the people of Yagba East not to be upset with the development, saying it was for their betterment, and which later yielded a lot of result including the last Presidential and National Assembly Election.

”I want to state clearly here that the opposition are using this to get more chances in Yagba East which was evident in the last election as it was very tough for APC.

”Would it not be more perilous and dangerous if the speakerhip position is ceaded back to Kabba after the good people of Yagba East and stakeholders have exercised enough calmness?

”Would ceading the speakerhip to Kabba not affect His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello in the next gubernatorial election as it really affects the APC in the last presidential and National Assembly election where the local government voted massively for PDP using the excuse that we have be shortchanged and the best we could do is to go back to our former Party?

”It will be very sacrossanct that the voting Strength of Yagba East should not be swayed under the carpet as it will go a long way to help and aid the re-election bid of his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

”I have a very keen interest in the re-election of our governor, the ‘White Lion’, and that was what spur my write up because as a strong APC Stalwart, I will not see what will collapse our great party and keep quiet,” Abdulganiyu explained.

He noted that after the last National Assembly Election some people were blaming the appointees for the woeful performance of APC in Kogi West not knowing the root cause of the problem.

He noted that the probelm was as a result of depriving Yagba East of the position of the house of representatives when they had unanimously endorsed Hon Jimoh Omiata, but the breaking news kept the people agape and they went the other way.
According to him, this really gave oppositionthe great chance not only in Yagba East but the whole of Yagba Federal Constituency because they speaks in one voice judging by the way the constituency has been voting and doing things in common.

”Should we say the voting strength of Kabba bunu is more than Yagba Federal Constituency? Certainly No!
”Yagba Federal Constituency has 34 Wards in which Mopamuro has 10, Yagba West has 14 and Yagba East has 10 wards.

”So, It will be very pertinent to draw our attention to the last presidential election in Yagba and Kabba Bunu/Ijumu federal constitency.

”The total votes of APC in the 3 local government of Yagba Federal Constituency is higher than the Total votes of APC in Kabba/Bunu and Ijumu federal constituency.

”His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello also tends to win Yagba Federal Constituency than Kabba Bunu Local Government where PDP has upper chance than the APC in the local government.
This is because from our findings the people of Kabba Bunu may not vote for GYB even if the APC gave him ticket because they tend to go for PDP.

”This is because the Prince Rt Hon Matthew Kolawole is not their choice as their member representing them in the state Assembly.

”It was reported that the position of the senate which fielded distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) and House of Representatives Hon wemi Jones were short changed just for Kolawole the present Speaker to return back.

”This agreement was sealed between him (Kolawole), his kinsmen and the PDP stalwarts in Kabba Bunu even at the detriment President Muhammadu Buhari too.

”What is the essence of ceading the same speakerhip position to Kabba Bunu when they are silently working against the interest of the party behind the scene?

”It means personal interest is taken the place of the general interest and this is seriously affecting us.

Kogi East delivered the senatorial seat and the 3 house of Representatives all thanks to Chief Edward David Onoja and other APC bigwigs from Kogi East, also the Kogi central delivered the senatorial seat and the 3 house of Representatives thanks to Engr Abubakar ohere, Pharm Asuku and other APC bigwigs and Stalwarts in Kogi central.

”In Okunland, I want to applaud the efforts Hon Asiwaju Mukadam, Hon Kingsley Femi Fanwo, the SA Political from Yagba west, Hon Taofeeq Isah, Hon Illorinoba and all the local government Administrators in Okunland with other APC bigwigs from okunland who tried their best for APC and which we believed we never voted for senator Dino Melaye but we voted for Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON), Hon Wemi Jones and Hon Tuesday Abimbola the duo for house of Representatives which will believe they will reclaimed their stolen mandate soon,” Abdulganiyu said.

He stressed that it was glaring that the voting strength of the people of Yagba Federal constituency has reduced drastically but this can be reinvigorated if the speakerhip position is ceaded to the Constituency coupled with the efforts of Hon Asiwaju Mukadam Asiru, Hon Jimoh Omiata, Hon Kingsley Femi Fanwo and other APC bigwigs and stalwarts in Yagba Federal constitency as Yagba People speak in one voice.

”But since emphasis is on Kabba Bunu and Yagba East which the good people of Yagba has unanimously endorsed Hon Jimoh Omiata for Speaker of the Kogi 7th Assembly, the voting strength of Yagba Yagba Federal constituency is higher more than that of Kabba.

”It will not be good at all if the opposition takes over Yagba Federal Constituency in a situation where they are deny the speakership position.

”The people of Yagba Federal Constituency love His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, so much because of his leadership acumen in ensuring equity, fairness and justice in all ramifications and his giant strides in the infrastructural projects most especially the omi Rice Mill cited in Yagba West Local Government.

”It will also be pertinent to bring forward the national population census of 2006 in the 5 local government in Okunland although it is understandable that the death rate should be included but reasonably we also look at the birth rate which means it could be a little bit higher than or below.

”From the figure obtained, the population in Yagba Federal Constituency is 331,329, while that of Kabba bunu/ijumu is 263,172, which shows that the population in Yagba federal constituency is higher than the population in Kabba Bunu/Ijumu federal onstituency.

”The above figures and analyses are subject to verification if need be.

”Conclusively, I will urge his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi State and by the special grace of the Almighty Allah the 5th Executive Governor of Kogi State, the Chief of Staff, Chief Edward David Onoja, all the APC leadership to see the agitation of the good people of Yagba Constituency for Speaker as a genuine agitation deviod of hatred or sentiments.

”The Elders, Youths, women, men among others, will be in euphoria of joy and happiness if the position of speakership in the 7th Assembly is zone to Yagba Federal Constituency and precisely Yagba East represented by pragmatic and diligent lawmaker, Hon Jimoh Omiata.

”Thank you very much and God bless you all,” Abdulganiyu said.

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