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By Clarence Olafemi.

Chief Clarence Olafemi

It is important to refresh our memory that pre-1991 announcement of the creation of the present Kogi State, some of founding fathers believed that the old Kabba was being denied the opportunity to own their own state and develop it as a model for others to emulate as it was in other provinces that existed in the Northern region, some of which have being splited into two and even three autonomous states.

Rather the old Kabba province was splited to make up minorities in old Benue and kwara states that put them at a disadvantage minorities in those states with consequential neglect and underdevelopment .
Consequently the agitation was approved by God and announced as a state in 1991.

However since her inception under military rule to various civilian rule there have not being clear definition of our developmental goals and every administration have come and gone with no clear  road map but gambling with their various tenure . Their achievements where any have being at the mercy of each chief executives and have not being coherent and therefore disjointed with irrelevant focus.

Over the years since 1999 when the current constitution of Nigeria came into force and democracy instutionalised in a stable and continuous  manner,  the art of governing the state became haphazard and highly polarized along party politics and based on the character of the individual that assume the governorship .

We have no definition of our need as a people or as a state, poverty became aggravated and despiration of a second term rule submerge our focus for good governance and there is no continuity of focus from regime to regime , not even when the governments suceeding each other  belong to the same party.

The need for a comprehensive definition of our development goals and road map is now for which there MUST be continuity of focus and follow up  and choice of who pilot us to achieving this goal must be base on our sincere accessment of aspirants and clear background check on their capability and integrity which must be put on the table without prejudice to their party affiliation for discussion.

The electorate must be educated through public enlightment by everybody  because a developed Kogi is a generational asset while undevelopment  Kogi is a wasted opportunity.
Ideals are requested at this point from spirited individuals or group of individuals to articulate our goals and focus as a state on this current stage of our march toward another attempt to choose a new governor for the state.

A proper articulated focus and road map to help the incoming government to start laying our foundation for development and growth is imperative.

The areas of focus should include but not limited to the followi g :
1. Education
2. Health
3. Industrialization
4. Employment generation
5. Youth development
6.Physical infrastructure- roads
7. Provision of social amenities- electricity, water, sanitation, environmental developments etc.
8.Investment portfolio for generation for present generation and laying the solid foundation for those yet unborn.
9. Eradication of poverty.
10. Growing our per capital.
11. Enduring peace and eradicating respiration to govern , eliminating social virses – robbery, kidnapping, embedsment of public fund etc
12. Job creation.
13. Economic Opportunities identification and creation .

We should articulate this through the social media, churches and mosque preachings without castigating any past government or being too partician about our points
God help us .

Chief Clarence Olafemi former Governor of Kogi State

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