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The National President of Standup for women society (SWS), Lib. Barrister Deborah Ijadele-Adetona has appreciated and commended the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike for signing to law the state Curtailment of Women’s Right to Share in family Property, Law No.2 of 2022.

Adetona said this singular act has also restored hope in parents who have Girl-child, saying after their parents grow old and died, the girl-child will not suffer.

The President disclosed this in a press statement made available to journalists by the National Public Relations Officer, Lib. Billie Nwogu.

President, SWS said Gov. Wike’s decision will remove the stigma that “A woman does not have a say or stay around when issues of land are being discussed,” it was described as a taboo by some communities.

A woman according to their culture is expected to sit docile in a corner when issues that border on land matters are being discussed and is only expected to ask questions for clarification on boundaries as the only right bequeathed to her and all she has right to do, is to usually cultivate the land. Nothing else.

Adetona said Gov. Wike has done well and this has stood him out among governors who have not deemed it fit for women to also have a say in owning any property that belongs to their parents or husband.

He used the medium to call on all leaders at all levels especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria to emulate what Gov. Wike has done. Quotes Wike

” I don’t know why it is a taboo; because one is female, you’re not entitled to inherit what belongs to your father.

“It is not you who decides whether you will have a girl or you will have a boy, it is God.

So, put yourself in their shoes today whereby the mercy of God, you have three children and they are all girls and you struggle in life to see what you can keep for your children.

Tomorrow, one of your uncles comes and say, my friend, girls don’t inherit their father’s property.

With all your efforts in life, somebody comes to discriminate against them, why? We have even found out that women are more useful to us than even men.

The day, you are getting old and dying you’ll know that you need more daughters than men.

They will leave their husbands’ houses and come to take care of you”

“As a Lawyer, I have witnessed many women suffer this setback because there is no law that allows them to fight for their rights and we hereby commended Gov. Wike for taking the lead.

I want men in Rivers state to be happy and support this move by the Governor by allowing this decision to work.

She urged men to see it not as a way of lording women over them but as a solution to protect the future of girl-child now and those yet unborn.

While we continue to press for a better society, let other governors who have bills that have a direct impact on women’s future sign them for a better tomorrow.

Standup for women Society will continue to support, recognize and join the struggle for liberation for all women in Nigeria.

Lib.Barrister Deborah Abosede Ijadele-Adetona

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