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Contrary to rumors making rounds by mischief makers on the strained relationship between His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello and his political son, Dr Abdullahi Ozomata, this Press Release is to inform the public to disregard the fake and galling news as the duo have been in the best of terms since the beginning of His Excellency’s political journey in Kogi State till date.
It may interest us to know that in 2015 Dr Ozomata played a pivotal role in seeing to the success of His Excellency’s run for political office.
This feat was repeated again in 2019 when Dr Ozomata stood up for his Excellency’s return to office campaign through organizing numerous health care outreaches around the state to propagate the agenda of the Governor, thereby contributing massively to the unprecedented win of his Excellency at the gubernatorial polls.
The intention of the Governor to run for President is one welcomed by Dr Ozomata, who is “hands on the plough” working tirelessly to see that this intention becomes a victorious reality.
Based on the above, it is daunting to see some hellions disguised as loyalists, utilizing bots, crafting stories for political gains and sharing them on social media as a strategy to curry favour and also peddling false rumors that Dr Abdullahi Ozomata is incitive against the Governor.
This wouldn’t have bothered the camp of Dr Ozomata as Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello stands as a role model for Dr Abdullahi Ozomata and he (the Governor) has set standards and made footmarks that Dr Abdullahi is carefully following.
The relationship between the two goes beyond politics, it is stemmed from the ideologies and achievements of the Governor before he even delved into the political scene.
For clarification purposes and to further reinstate his unalloyed commitment to Governor Yahaya Bello, this Press statement is to
1: Debunk in strong terms the falsehood peddled by mischief makers on the strained relationship between Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and Dr Abdullahi Sanni Ozomata.
2: To reinstate Dr Abdullahi Sanni Ozomata’s loyalty and commitment towards the GYB to PYB project.
3: To insist that the Dr Abdullahi Ozomata holds his party, the APC in high esteem and is ever willing to abide by her rules, resolutions and unbiased actions.
4: To encourage our teeming supporters not to be swayed by the fabrications of no-goods who are desperately trying to explore all means to tarnish the growing popularity of Dr Abdullahi Sanni Ozomata’s but rather be committed to the actualization of our goals which is making the GYB to PYB project come true and voting massively for Dr Ozomata to represent the good people of Okene/Ogori Magongo Federal Constituency in the Green Chambers.
Finally, we believe Allah is the creator and sustainer of success, on him we solely rely to bring to bear our goals , we are not worried by the workings of hellions as we remain undeterred and focussed on achieving our goals of victory at the polls.
Thank you.
Ozomata2023 Media Team

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