Senator Adeyemi exercising his wealth of experience, legislative prowess at the floor of the Senate.

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By Prof. Femi
Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON),my boss has always been our voice and his Comportment is Commendable.
Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) the Atari Ajanaku 1 has Contributed immensely to some critical Issues one of them is providing a viable employment opportunities for the teeming Youths also revitalizing the Ajaokuta steel Complex and Kogi State roads.
His Legislative Aura and Qualitative representation at the floor is applaudable.
This is a Paramount criterion which dichotomize Seriousness from Unseriousness.
Boss I Never had any doubt in your ability and Capability to deliver flawlessly in all ramifications and redeeming our image as a Constituency.
The Redemption towards emancipation is still the slogan which you have display that you have what it takes to bring to our Constituency the Dividends of Democracy and infrastructural development.
I want to Sincerely appreciate your doggedness, boldness, gallantry and ebullient roles played in the Senate.
God Almighty will grant you more wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in achieving more for our Constituency, dear Kogi State and Nigeria at large.
Always Proud of you my boss.

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