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Unity of Okun Land is our main interest – YYA

Rt. Hon. Prince Matthew Kolawole Speaker Kogi State House of Assembly

The attention of Yagba Youths Arise (YYA) has been drawn to the unhealthy agitation of some uncultured individuals who are fighting for their selfish agenda using the name of Yagba to promote disunity among Okun Nation on the Speakership of the Kogi State House of Assembly.

We would not have bothered to respond to their self seeking agitation but it has become imperative for us to put the records straight for the unsuspecting reading public and provide adequate information on the subject matter.

As we go further, we in YYA will like to establish that we are a body whose one of our foremost core value is Unity; hence we are out to foster unity amongst all Okun communities. In other words, YYA is simply a branch of Okun Youths in Yagba Federal Constituency.

However, who becomes the next Speaker of the 7th Kogi Assembly is the sole responsibility of the 25 members-elect and the leadership of All Progressive Congress (APC) since they are all members of the party, hence the agitation for Yagba Speakership led by Otunba Adekolade Dele Samuel is self seeking and a puerile attempt to heat up the polity and cause disaffection among Okun people. We will not sit down and watch Otunba create unnecessary enmity between our communities and leaders in Okun Land.

Perusing all his numerous write ups on the subject matter recently, we hereby want to call him to retrace his steps by engaging in a meaningful venture that will promote peace, unity and development of not only Okun nation, Kogi West Senatorial District but Kogi State at large.

We only want to remind him of the juicy positions prominent Yagba sons and daughters are currently enjoying precisely Yagba East Local Government Area that he is using as his point of agitation.

Would it now be that the workaholic and distinguished Secretary to the State Government, Dr. (Mrs.) Ayoade Arike Folashade Phd; Mukadam Idris Asiwaju, the indefatigable Honourable Commissioner for Finance who are assets to the New Direction Administration be displaced? Or is he now saying Yagba land or Yagba East is marginalized in the current government of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello? The answer is capital NO.

Hon. Musa Jimoh Omiata, as a returning member elect representing, Yagba East Constituency have the right to aspire to lead the 7th Assembly as been agitated, but we should know that Yagba East already have two major appointments and since the current occupant of the Speaker’s seat, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Matthew O. Kolawole from Kabba/Bunu Constituency is not seen to be lacking in any area in terms of performance and leadership, it is expected that all Okun sons and daughters both within and outside government should rally round and support him.

We can testify to the facts that Kolawole carried along all the 7 local government areas in the west as shown in his appointment whereby, some of our brothers from Yagba land are currently serving with him as aides.

We therefore, want to call on well-meaning Yagba people and by extension Okun land to discard and disregard the baseless and worthless agitation that will only sow the seed of discord and disunity in not only Okun land but Kogi West.

We hereby at this juncture, sincerely appreciate our amiable, dynamic and vibrant youthful governor H.E. ALHAJI ADOZA YAHAYA BELLO, for the fairness and equity in the allocation of various positions across the senatorial districts of our dear state, of which Kogi West Okun kingdom is not an exemption.

It is based on the above facts, we write to appeal to His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and our party leaders to disregard the claims of Otunba Adekolade Taiwo, as the people of YAGBA LAND are already satisfied with the juicy positions they are currently enjoying as major stakeholders in the government. We want to assure His Excellency that his claims doesn’t in any way represent the interest of YAGBA LAND.

Our utmost desire is the fact that an Okun person is occupying this juicy position and we are glad for the trust that His Excellency have in us in Okun land.

Ogbeni Adeola Michael,


Yagba Youths Arise

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