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Sen Smart Adeyemi.
Our attentions has been drawn to an incoherent epistle waving round the media space from some Kogi State enemies of development and it becomes expedient to react in such a manner that, the unsuspected members of the public will not be misled.
In a rejoinder made available to the pressmen by Sen Smart Adeyemi through his Spokesperson, Kamaldeen Toyin, he describes the epistle as a fantastic gibberish from the stable of the expired politicians who prioritise individual interest above collective interests.
The piece lacks merit to be considered by the serious minded progressives.
For the avoidance of all doubts, during the last stakeholders meeting, I told the critical stakeholders from Kogi West, that no excuse for all of us in new direction government for Governor Yahaya Bello’s failure in the coming November general election.
Politics is a game of number that needs the majority to win elections.
With the approval of his excellency Gov Yahaya Bello, I met with some critical stakeholders from Kogi West with per hour update to the leader of the party in the State and the incoming Deputy Governor, Chief Edward Onoja, the State Chairman of our great party, Alh. Abdullahi Bello (Dollar) were also updated.
My interactions with these opinion leaders yielded a fruitful results, except one of them who remained recalcitrant, he is inconsequential though.
These are retired military Generals, Professionals, Business Tycoons and relevant Politicians across Kogo West.
The concessions to our plea to support our principal, Gov Yahaya Bello, sent pains and jittery down the oppositions spines.
I am grateful to God almighty Who has brought us this far, Gov. Yahaya Bello’s political success is a complete work of God.
When the orchestrated challenges by these Lucifers for new direction government was enormous, I stayed to fight to a point where the blind, deaf and dump can feel the overall victory Gov Yahaya Bello will usher in by November, I will now pull out?
To which party? the party of the disgruntled people, a party of so many contractions? I am too sophisticated, intelligent and mature to have acted as they claim.
Now that the coast is clear, will I stoop so low to go into the absurdity as peddled by the agent of dooms?
We are not deterred by the manners the enemies of progress are going about the misrepresented visits to our men of honours, who can move the mountains, when it comes to electoral decisions in Kogi West.
Suffice to recall that Criminal charges is still hanging on Dino Melaye at the competent court of law on the 3rd and 10th of October.
I think his cohorts that are peddling lies here and there should be on their kneels appealing to those who can safe their principal from the impending jail terms are busy running from pillars to poles, wanting to ruffle the brick made relationships within the new direction Captains.
It will be at his advantage to face his criminal charges instead of the unwarranted hobnobbing in APC family affairs.

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