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By John Paul

The time is ripe for certain questions to be asked, facts to be assessed and aspirants to be scrutinized. Kogi of today may be worst than yesterday but definitely not that of tomorrow, because today came with bitter lessons that may stand as enormous guidance in shaping our tomorrow.

I have said this often that, I do not know what political gladiators want with the number one seat, but the prevailing dynastic polity been advocated by some lacerated brains is laughable, imperiled and illogical.

You know what, each time I turn my TV on and I hear people globetrotting for Ibrahim Idris or his son, I lose weight, strength and appetite due to some devastating questions like; Do those vending Ibro or his son really live in Kogi state? Are they blind that they cannot see that Ibro is the architect behind the impending predicament? I am also tempted to ask further, does the former governor have conscience? What has he achieved in the political sphere of the state that he felt his son could do better?

In the journey to Lugard house 2019, some people are inconsequential and Abubakar Idris happens to be one. When the attention seeking writer described the former governor’s son as a reserved person that is not always seen in the public space, I smiled knowing categorically he is oblivious of whom he extolled. Aside the fact that his political ambition is dead on arrival, he is an offspring of a failed class whose political incompetence, kogi state now bears the brunt. I will not detail his father’s nine catastrophic years in office because, the self-acclaimed public analyst never mentioned any perhaps, there was non to be mentioned. But I will talk emphatically on how he chose to render the services he was paid for.

In the first paragraph of his article titled “Abubakar Ibrahim And The Ibro Dynasty” which according to him x-rayed Mr Idris quest for Kogi state governorship, he said and I quote “It is no longer news in the entire Kogi state and the North central, that the name of former Governor Ibrahim Idris popularly known as IBRO is synonymous to competence, performance, development, welfare, generosity and a lot of other good traits we can think of. I couldn’t have imagined the veracity of lies embedded, and what Ekundayo Adigun hope to achieve by misleading Kogites, but as far as I can see, its palpable Dayo is under an illusion. In Kogi’s developmental prospect, Ibro’s name is associated with failure, and the statement should have been ‘Ibro’s name is synonymous to incompetence, lethargy and greed’. Everything stopped working as soon as he assumed the mantle of leadership. Kogi state under his control was in shamble and the emerging despondency was propagated during his tenure.

Prince Audu of the blessed Memory handed over a viable state to him, but in less than a year, the structures collapsed. Ibro does not have the charisma to lead Kogi state, he also surrounded himself with primitively minded people and as such, could not format an idea to continue from where Audu stopped. We also saw how lethargic Ibro was in some sensitive decisions which I will not mention now until I am obliged to. So, it is implausible and politically mitigated to assume that Ibro’s name is synonymous to competence.

As for his son, saddling this sacred task on such person spells the greatest misfortune. I did not see a jot of leadership quality in him. He is arrogant, filled with ego and never give damn about other people.

I know for sure Mr Abubakar Idris will come across this post. So, let me take him or whoever cares down the memory lane.

According to the saying; it’s difficult to appreciate what one don’t labor for. Idris has not tasted the scorch of poverty in his entire live, and as such, does not know what it means to work and earn a living. Persuasively, what Ekundayo tagged as private business is nothing other than father’s business empires established across the country and beyond with looted funds. Oh yes! Abubakar Idris has not earn a paltry hundred

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