Police Warns Vigilante Groups to Stay Away From Election Duty.

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The Deputy Inspector General of Police Election North Central Godwin Chijioke Nwobodo has warned against the deployment of Vigilante groups as security for election duty during the February 16, 2019 election.
He spoke to newsmen at the police headquarters in Lokoja after an expanded stakeholders meeting for the forthcoming election.
Speaking against the background that Vigilante group in the State were used for the Lokoja/Kotokarfe by election late last year he said they have enough security to be deployed for the election.
“I want to say right away that the police and other security agencies are adequate enough to perform their duties in the State. No vigilante will patrol. I am the DIG Election in North Central. That is my firm decision that vigilante would not patrol. I know the AIG and CP have heard me clearly.
“We have men in the force headquarters, everybody is going to participate in this election. If a DIG can come out to Kogi State it is just because the IG can not divide himself he would have been here”
He said the people the have in the force headquarters, in the State police headquarters who are not necessarily manning formations would be mopped up and probably deployed to cover the shortfall.
On the issue of fake police he said people are free to make reports when they see any fake police.

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