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By Jacob Unekwu Agada

Gov. Yahaya Bello Kogi State

If you think there is Hunger in your state, please come to My state and see where people are starving and going for days with out food.

If you think the electricity supply in your state is not enough,In my state light comes once in a week,and it can only last for two hours.

Are you worried and scared of insecurity in your state,In my state you are either attacked by thugs or kidnapped or raided by herdsmen or you are abducted by DSS.

Have you been complaining of poor road network in your state,come to my state and see the intra – local government bush road that we have every where.

Are you sleepless because your state is owing workers for two months, My state is owing workers for 22 months now and every body has been sleeping very well.

Do you think Pensioners are not treated very well because of the late payment they suffer every month in your state, hummm in the last three years pensioners have not been paid in my state, some pensioners don’t even know their files have been marked “deceased”

Some of you are complaining of poor execution of projects in your state, in my state we have three years “ongoing projects” with abandoned tractors on site.

You are complaining of poor and shortsighted appointees at the helm of affairs in your state, todú Ojò come to my state and you will see a government run by retired tugs,retired charge and bail lawyers,drop outs,retired thieves and all the errors you have never imagined.

Some one gave you Ibom airline and you not satisfied,come to my state and see the proposed site for confluence airline,its now a cassava plantation.

In your state you have primary and secondary schools with two and even three floors,some even have computer laboratory, yet you are insulting your governor, in my state there are schools with students and pupils still having their classes under trees,some don’t even have chalk boards or class rooms.

There are six over head bridge in small Abeokuta, and the state government is not planning to relent yet, in my state we don’t have common one,in fact we don’t have a single successful gutter in the state capital.

Your state is attracting investors, yet you want more, come to my state and see, we are attracting Fulani herdsmen.

A government invested in sugarcane and made little profit and you people are complaining, what of my state that invested hundreds of millions in Omi rice,yet it was planted, processed, packaged and exported on facebook.

If you think your state capital is not well developed, come to Lokoja and see our glorified local government area.

You think the deputy governor of your state is not performing his duty, come to my state and see, we don’t even know the where about of our deputy governor, whether he is still in government house or he has gone back to his village at Ibaji, we don’t even know.

You keep complaining that your state house of Assembly is this and that, come to my state and see our assembly of belle face Honourables.

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Written by
Jacob Unekwu Agada
the author, EBULEJONU.
Idah, Kogi state.

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