Outrage as 6-year-old pupil expose sodomy in Abuja College

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There is outrage as a 6-year-old deaf pupil, Imran exposed sodomy and cannibalism at the School for the Deaf, Kuje, Abuja,
Imran had only spent one term in the school he transferred from another school in Kaduna.
His mother, Dr Hannatu Ayuba Usman, who is an oncologist with the National Hospital, Abuja, and his grandmother, Hajia Salamatu Abubakar Maina, narrated the boy’s ordeal on the February 4 edition of Brekete Family Talk Show on Human Rights Radio/Television.
According to sunnewsonline, the story came to light four days after Imran returned home from school for holiday and reportedly informed his grandmother he would not want to return to the school.
He narrated how he and other children in the hostel were sodomised, how he was forced to watch other children slaughtered and how the corpses were roasted and the flesh forcefully shoved down the victims’ throats.
Imran is presently in a bad shape, in need of surgery in his anus (as he could no longer control faeces) and an MRI scan because of the beating to his head.
The victim’s grandmother, Hajia Salamatu Abubakar Maina, gave a comprehensive account. She said;
“On the day the school closed, the mother went to pick him. Normally nobody is allowed into the premises until after the PTA meeting. She went there at 8am and the meeting ended around 1pm. As soon as they got home, other family members were arriving for the holiday, so the house was busy. He tried to demonstrate something to me, but I didn’t give him enough attention. In Kaduna, his mother and I attended the lessons so we could communicate with him in sign language. Two days later, I washed his clothes and arranged them neatly in his school box. He likes wearing socks around the house. He went to take the school socks and I said, ‘no, everything here should be kept in the school box because we might travel and when we come back late, you will be returning to school and we don’t have to go about looking for your things for school.’ He said, ‘No, I will not be going back to that school.’ I asked why; he said he would die if he should return. He started demonstrating how when they slept at night, they were woken up, tied and sodomised. He said they did it many times to him, that it was painful, blood came out of his anus and his back was paining him and his head too.
He also said they took them out at night to somewhere. Only boys and men were there, no woman. He said their leader is tall and also climbs on top of something to address them. He said they kill people in his presence. He demonstrated three ways they kill people––they turn the head, they cut the throat or they put the head on the table and severe the head. Then those killed were roasted. He demonstrated how the leader wore gloves and used a knife and a big fork to cut the roasted human flesh and the boys with their hands tied to the back forcefully fed with human flesh. He said anytime they brought it near him, he would start vomiting and they would hit him. He counted six times. They tried to feed him and he kept vomiting and they kept hitting his head. Back in the school, he tried to tell the class teacher but he was threatened, they said they would kill him if he mentioned it to anyone, having witnessed how they had killed some people, he was afraid to tell anyone.
“I was personally visiting him every two weeks since we took him to that school because I was worried about his health. Imran doesn’t eat much. He doesn’t like pepper. The school didn’t feed them early. They serve them breakfast long after 10 am, so we provided Golden Morn cereal and milk for him. He also showed us a part of his arm that is now black. He went to the cupboard and brought out a syringe but he said the one used on them was bigger, that they used that to draw blood from his hand into a cup and handed it over to the leader who drank it.”
The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu gave his ministry’s side of the story. Adamu Adamu said to Sunnewsonline;
“I was chairing a meeting when somebody very close to me brought the women and the child in question to me because he thought the matter was so important to interrupt the meeting. My reaction was so intense I had to take off my Babariga when they narrated the story to me in the anteroom I took them into.
I shed tears because of the way the boy was demonstrating how he was sodomised and how some people were slaughtering children, roasting and forcing them to eat. It was the most harrowing tale I have ever listened to in my life. When we got to that point, I sent for the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, Mr Sonny Echono.
I told him to take it as a priority and get in touch with DG of Department of State Security (DSS) and the Inspector General of Police to get a team to go undercover because this issue should be handled with discretion. I felt if cultists could operate in the Federal Capital Territory in that manner, it should be handled with discretion.
That was what was happening until the moment when it broke on the radio. I really don’t know why she decided to go there. If she encountered difficulty, she should have reported back to the Permanent Secretary or me. If the ministry is allowed some time you will be shocked at the outcome of the investigation.
“The investigation in on and I will like to invite three members of Brekete family to be part of the team so that you will see our level of transparency in handling the situation. I am the father of all children as Minister of Education. I don’t have a child with a disability anywhere or have any of my children studying abroad but I will see to the root of this matter.”

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