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Inebriated by the klieg lights in the studio of Channels Television, and in desperation to sneak into reckoning, Adams Oshiomole, the humiliated former Chairman of the All Progressives Congress was his indecorous and petulant self, with his untamed tongue reeling out invectives against the Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar. He is yet to learn any lesson from the destruction his unbridled tongue has caused him.

Often vain and insipid, Oshiomole had nothing to talk about but a domestic issue emanating from street gossip, as if he was citing a constitutional provision for becoming the President of Nigeria.

The PDP Presidential Campaign Council is not surprised at the base conduct of Oshiomole, because he has come to represent the scarcity of human resources in the circle of APC, where no other suitable person could be found to occupy a supposedly high office in the APC Campaign apparitchik than a paper tiger politician who not only wrecked his party at the National level, but made a shipwreck of his own political career and the fortunes of his State where, again, he had the unmerited opportunity to preside as a governor for 8 years.

The case of Oshiomole often reminds one of the picture depicted in one of William Shakespeare’s classic, Macbeth, in which the dimunitive of birds often collides in fright at the sight of the owl. Atiku Abubakar has become an intimidating stature and a nightmare for Oshiomole.

Oshiomole and his ilk are busy celebrating some misunderstanding in the PDP as if it is their passport to the Presidency of Nigeria, having failed to situate the record of their party in any meaningful merit that recommends it to future trust and support from Nigerians. It is a blind alley.

The pretentious Oshiomole who was recklessly ascerbic against the late political icon Chief Tony Anenih , whom he accused of being a Godfather, has himself transmuted from being a Godfather to becoming a tin god, until his indiscreet verbosity reduced him to a toy god in Edo politics. Where is the vote he would deliver to his political master?

Oshiomole is a drowning man who wants to drag an iroko tree along in his sinking political carreer. Atiku is not available for such indulgence. It is not an accident that the recent vitriolics against Atiku came after Oshiomole’s visit to a neighbouring state. Now that he has discharged the mandate, he should now be searching the bed of Benin River for the selling points to market his failed party and candidate.

As Atiku advances and consolidates on his political journey to the Presidency by the grace of God, he will trudge on undistracted, the caustic ramblings of Oshiomole notwithstanding. Oshiomole represents the modern day Samballat and Ballack who sought to disrupt the plan of God for the Isrealites but who instead became the channels of blessing. Atiku has prevailed.

God bless Nigeria.

Senator Dino Melaye Spokesperson PDP Presidential Campaign Management Committee

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