Opinion: Time For Kogi Leaders To Support Sen. Dino, Speak Out Against Gov. Bello

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Kogi leaders are becoming too gentlemanly in their approach towards ending the suffering of their people. They remain silent and refuse to speak out despite the terrible economic situation that has engulfed the state for the best part of the four years of Governor Yahaya Bello.

Only a bold Senator Dino Melaye was left alone in the war front to confront the Tyrant.

Where are the so-called Leaders and Elders of Kogi? Your people are dying everyday. Stop being cowards! Come out from your hiding and speak out.

The Igalas, you happen to be the most populous tribe in the State but yet you remain mute and ironically enjoying the suffering and smiling kind of lifestyle as if everything is well, while the Okuns are busy lamenting indoor and venting unnecessary anger without action. The Ebiras find themselves in the middle of the sea pretending as if everything is cool with them. Nobody will fight your battle for you if you fail to voice out and tame the Wild Dog.

I must specially commend Sen. Dino Melaye for his never relenting, brave and bold approach to speak out and refusing to be silenced. Your outspoken nature has sent panic to their camp because you always expose their evil deeds. You have singlehandedly unsettled the GYB camp and become a terror to their system. Indeed you are a warrior. You deserve to be Knighted immediately after the war with Bello. I liken you to a General in the Nigerian Army without a uniform and always refer to you as ‘Kogi’s Mandella’. You have come, you have seen and about to conquer come November 16.

Kogi state is not a one man property and we cannot continue to fold our arms and allow one heartless and selfish element to turn it to a state with no bearing and direction. I will challenge Kogi elders, leaders and stakeholders to reject oppression, hunger and starvation in their land for future sake. Refuse to be a beggar on your fathers land. Tell the world what is going on in Kogi and stop pretending!! Your refusal to speak signals doom and danger to the future of the Confluence state.

– Toba Ajayi

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