Official Press Statement on Endorsement Saga for The Re-election of Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

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Igala Community, United Arab Emirates

After an extensive and crucial meeting of the executive members and in consultations with the members of the general assembly of our great community, we hereby release our reaction, actions and decision to the press and the general public on the issues of endorsement of Gov. Yahaya Bello for re-election during a visit by our Honorable member, Hon. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed at the Ramada Hotels Al Nhada Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on the 26th April, 2019.

A. Yes, we truly welcome Hon. Ahmed, but not on endorsing Bello. In his brief speech, the ICU president, Mr Sunday Abuh, welcome and commend the legislator for moving a motion on ‘Kogi State Youth Development Commission’ which was  successfully passed.

B. Because we welcomed Hon. Ahmed does not mean we endorsed Bello.

C. We commended Hon. Ahmed for the youth empowerment in his constituency and not Bello.

D. On the state government, we asked him questions as regards to hunger in the land and increase in poverty, bad roads in most communities, which he promised he will discuss with lawmakers in charge of their different constituencies.

E. Also questioned on lack of infrastructure for tourism in the state.

F. Questions on hunger and non payment of workers salaries.


1. The Legislator is our own brother from Igala Zone and we used the opportunity to ask him reasons for non payment of salaries and lack of infrastructural development. The Legislator who responded to us said “on salaries, the allocation they get from the federal government is less than wages, meaning the amount of wages is higher than the allocation”. Also he mentioned, “Paris fund collected was divided, part used for salary and part used for development”.

2. Yes, we made a 4+4 sign in honor of Ahmed obvious of his singular performance in his constituency.That in no way does not mean a support or an endorsement of Bello.

3. Hon. Ahmed also let us know his agenda and achievement and he encouraged us not to depend on the government, rather we contribute to the lives of our people and community.

4. We can not because of Bello refuse to welcome our own brother, he is our Igala lawmaker.

5. Nonetheless, ICU is quite disappointed in Hon. Ahmed not because we are not supposed to welcome him, but because our own has misrepresented our intention for him.

6. We only welcome Hon. Ahmed, identified with his impact on the people and NOT Bello. We must state without fear or favor that we are disappointed with the legislator who has misrepresented our welcome for him to Bello’s.

If you recall, sometimes in January 2019, Prince Mona Audu visited ICU and news flew, but no endorsement was given.


Now, it is imperative to inform the general public, we do not throw our weight behind Bello, Hon. Ahmed cares to meet the Igala Community in Dubai and we have him audience, we are not a political organization, and we can NOT support and endorse a government of nepotism and insincerity.

On behalf of the executive committee and the general assembly of the Igala Community UAE, I hereby refute and debunk the rumour of endorsement for the re-election of Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Nigeria.

Thank you, and God bless you all.


Achilles Peter Mameh
PRO/Spokesperson, ICU

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